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Netflix Original Series ‘All of us are dead season 2’ When Will Season Second Be Released

Netflix Original Series ‘All of us are dead season 2’ When Will Season Second Be Released

Season one of the show All of Us is Dead was a Netflix Original and season two has been affirmed to be on its way, yet if you were expecting to see the newest season on Netflix this new month as it had come out in Korea, don’t hold up anymore. “All of Us Are Dead” is predictable to see its second part renewed as the first one has been a considerable measure of intrigue for the general population. You’ll need to hold up a couple of months more before you get the second part, yet given how it was a blast to see I trust you won’t need to hold up that long. The second part hasn’t been affirmed yet or exceptionally communicated, yet at the start of the year 2022 the first season came out on Netflix and it has been confirmed that the second will be together following a year so in 2023 you’ll need to hold up. The primary season is great as it has an intriguing story, an engaging group of characters, and great execution. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san
  • Park Ji-hu as Nam On-jo
  • Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra
  • Lomon as Lee Su-hyeok
  • Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-nam
  • Lee Yoo-mi as Lee Na-yeon
  • Kim Byung-chul as Lee Byeong-chan
  • Lee Kyu-hyung as Song Jae-ik
  • Jeon Bae-soo as Nam So-ju


Release Date:

The series was first aired on January 28, 2022, on Netflix.

What is the series about? 

The show is about a high school that is surrounded and besieged by zombies. The students and staff are effectively separated from the general audience as the outside world has been informed of an epidemic, which has passed on. It is an unadulterated fearful premise of kids being isolated from the general population. Amid this tense situation, the group does their best to beat the challenges, put them through their difficulties, and endure. No one knows what is going to happen next in the show and it is extremely surprising and keeps you on the edge of your seat on all occasions. It is a mind-boggling show that keeps you engrossed in what will happen and how the group would escape

What fans are expecting from season 2? 

Even though the show has been a phenomenal hit, fans are anticipating more excitement, because they are eager to see the characters’ fate. They have been through so much, it is hard to imagine what they may do to get out of this predicament they are in. it would be great to see how exciting and extraordinary their story is beginning with a second season


What makes this series interesting?

The story is absorbing and brings forward an astounding mix of challenges and yet the show is interesting. The inclusion of science lessons has been great as it reflects how the zombie apocalypse could happen to us all. The zombie infection is a very real possibility and this show magnifies it by adding in elements such as bloodthirstiness, lethargy, and also the science behind how this could happen.

Who can watch this series?

This show is one of the most watched shows on Netflix and has been made with a young target audience, which makes it more interesting. The main characters are all students, who are learning how to deal with life-threatening situations. It teaches youngsters how to overcome fear and this makes it an outstanding show for kids. It is additionally a decent show for everyone over 13 years old as the scenes may not be well done for very young people.

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