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The Horror Fantasy Series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Getting Removed From Netflix This December

The Horror Fantasy Series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Getting Removed From Netflix This December

Netflix UK, the streaming service for movies and TV based in the United Kingdom, is removing The Vampire Diaries from its site to make room for new original content. The Vampire Diaries is a long-running and popular supernatural adolescent series aired on The CW between 2009 and 2017. The removal is expected to take place in December; the stream will remain available for a month after it has been removed. The series consists of 8 episodes that are approximately 44 minutes long. The Vampire Diaries was created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. The original television film of 2010 ‘The Vampire Diaries’ was followed by a regular TV series with 3 seasons from 2009 until 2011, each consisting of 22 episodes with a total running time of 1,232 minutes – totaling 4,915 minutes for all three seasons combined. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert
  • Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
  • Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
  • Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett
  • Candice King as Caroline Forbes
  • Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan
  • Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood
  • Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert
  • Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman
  • Michael Malarkey as Lorenzo ‘Enzo’ St. John
  • Joseph Morgan as Klaus Mikaelson
  • Marguerite MacIntyre as Sheriff Liz Forbes
  • Sara Canning as Jenna Sommers
  • Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson
  • Susan Walters as Carol Lockwood
  • Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson
  • Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Dr. Jo Laughlin
  • Penelope Mitchell as Liv Parker

Release Date:

The series was first released on September 10, 2009, and ended on March 10, 2017, with 8 seasons.

What is the series about?

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama television series, which premiered on September 10, 2009, on The CW. Set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, it follows Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), a vampire who falls in love with the brother of the century Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), who is also a vampire. Her best friend from childhood Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) is a witch who has to catch up on her education when she attends a boarding school for witches outside of Mystic Falls. Both boys are initially in love with the girl, but she eventually chooses the vampire, Stefan. Everyone thinks that he is dead, but in truth, he was turned into a vampire by his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder). The series chronicles the lives of Elena, Stefan, and Damon as they deal with various dangers, their quest to find out where they came from and what they can do next to help themselves and their friends.

What makes this series exciting?

This series is set in a fictional town, where the normal inhabitants know of their existence, but they are not supposed to be seen. The Vampire Diaries revolves around the lives of vampires and witches. Vampires and witchcraft revolve around the scientific fact that what is dead doesn’t come back to life (except for some reason, vampires can). However, in this series, we have a vampire who rose from the dead. Many twists and turns take place as the story goes on. There are also many complications between the characters which make it hard for them to be able to trust each other all of the time.

What are the reviews?

The series is surprisingly well-received. IMDb has rated it a 7.7 out of 10 (with over 2000 votes), which is particularly unusual for a series that has only one season. The Vampire Diaries has been successful in the United Kingdom, where the first two seasons have just been released on DVD and Blu-Ray, with the third season to follow soon. However, there are negative reviews too: many people dislike Nina Dobrev’s acting and her character in the series, although they seem to like her character in The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie more than they do her character in The Vampire Diaries.


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