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Netflix is Coming With Another season Of ‘Kings of Jo’burg’ Releasing In January

If you love the gritty, urban crime world that is Jo’burg and everything it has to offer, then keep your eyes peeled for the next brutal season of Netflix’s acclaimed show Kings of Jo’burg. The second season is set to arrive on Netflix on January 27 and will feature a whole new slew of characters and storylines as it takes viewers deep into the roots of the criminal underworld. The trailer shows off a brand new look into the thriving underworld where the criminal families rule and no one is safe. If you could think of a scene that captures your fascination with this world and its inhabitants, this trailer will answer all of your questions. While there was a lot to love about the first season of Kings of Jo’burg and its storyline, it did have one major element holding it back from reaching greatness. When it came to the world within which the show takes place, there just wasn’t enough room for all of the characters as well as all of their storylines.

Who is in the cast?

  • Iman Benson as Ilonka
  • Igby Rigney as Kevin
  • Ruth Codd as Anya
  • Annarah Cymone as Sandra
  • Chris Sumpter as Spencer
  • Adia as Cheri, 
  • Aya Furukawa as Natsuki
  • Sauriyan Sapkota as Amesh
  • Matt Biedel as Tim
  • Samantha Sloyan as Shasta
  • Zach Gilford as Mark
  • Heather Langenkamp as Dr. Georgina Stanton

Release Date:

The second series is scheduled to be released on the 27th of January 2023.

What is the series about? 

Jo’burg is a story about the Masire brothers and their rise to power, and what happens when you mix criminal ambition with the supernatural,” show creator Shona Ferguson had previously revealed to South African magazine Metro. “It’s about shifting allegiances and falling in love. It’s also about murder, betrayal, and revenge, as well as the repercussions of family feuds – everything you could ask for in a crime drama. This was a show that didn’t shy away from the real dangers that this world has to offer. While there was a lot of action, suspense, and other fun elements thrown in there as well, they managed to fit it all into one intense and action-packed series. Where Kings of Joburg managed to fall short in the first season was in its cast of characters. 

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What is exciting about the series? 

There are so many characters in Kings of Jo’burg that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all, not only does the story follow the Masire brothers, but it also follows their family and their enemies. This means that we get to explore various storylines and plot twists that revolve around all of these characters. But even then, there were still a lot of players involved in the show who just didn’t wind up meaning much. There were also a few plot lines that they seemed to carry on for far too long without really being able to pay off or moving forward at all.

Who can watch this series?  

If you like crime drama shows, you’re going to love this one. It hits all of the high notes and will keep you on your toes with its twists and turns as well as action-packed scenes. While some scenes could be considered over-the-top, it wouldn’t be true to the nature of the show if they didn’t include those elements. This is an intense drama that pulls no punches when it comes to violence and the consequences of these actions. Those who like to keep things a little lighter could also enjoy this series because it often has elements of comedy interspersed throughout all of the drama.

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