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The Psychological Comedy Drama Film ‘Leonor Will Never Die’ Review

Leonor Will Never Die is a psychological comedy-drama film written, directed, and produced by Filipina Martika Ramirez Escobar. It is a tribute to the transporting, even life-altering potential of the movies. The film follows Leonor (played by Sheila Francisco) as she, after suffering a blow to the head from a TV, is forced to become the action heroine of her unfinished screenplay. During her coma, she encounters intriguing characters on the other side of her ceiling, who represent each aspect of the filmmaking process. Leonor’s journey as an action hero has its fair share of comedic moments – viewers will see some of the antics that Leonor gets up to as well as some unintentionally humorous scenes. But some moments prove to be life-affirming and show how we deal with loss. What makes Leonor Will Never Die such a compelling watch is its masterful weaving of comedy and drama into one cinematic bond that creates a story that goes beyond conventional cinema. It is hard not to identify with Leonor in this sometimes uncomfortable but ultimately deeply satisfying movie.

Who is in the cast:

  • Sheila Francisco as Leonor
  • Bong Cabrera as Rudie
  • Rocky Salumbides as Ronwaldo
  • Anthony Falcon as Dead Ronaldo
  • Allan Bautista as Valentin
  • Rea Molina as Isabella
  • Ryan Eigenmann as Ricardo
  • John Paulo Rodriguez as Junior
  • Dido Dela Paz as Mayor
  • Tami Monsod as Dra. Valdez

Release Date:

No confirmed release date has been announced yet. it is expected to be released in early December 2022,

What is the film about? 

Filipina filmmaker Martika Ramirez Escobar’s Leonor Will Never Die is more than just a tribute to the transporting, even life-altering potential of the movies. It is about loss and grief, film and its magic, identity, life in Manila, and what it means to be a creative soul. Leonor (played by Sheila Francisco), an elderly woman who lives alone in Manila while her son works abroad, suffers a deep blow to the head after a falling television land on her. When she wakes up from her coma, she is deeply traumatized – specifically, when it comes to watching television. She cannot bear to watch what she has always called entertainment. So she decides to take on the role of the action heroine in her unfinished screenplay that she wrote when she was young. The film is a reflection on identity and loss, the magic of movies, and what it means to be creative.

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What makes this film exciting? 

Leonor Will Never Die is a film that takes you by the hand and introduces you to the characters in it. We learn their stories right away, as Leonor narrates before we embark on the film’s journey. It is told in a way that does not evoke confusion and does not give you too much information at the same time, so there will be no issues with understanding it later. The concept of filmmaking is interwoven into all of its parts, so viewers will have some sort of understanding going into how films are created. The characters are all interesting and each brings something different to the way they affect Leonor’s life while she is in a coma.

Who can watch this film? 

The film aims to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and people from different walks of life. It is a tribute to the extraordinary power of movies in people’s lives, and as such could be enjoyed by anyone who has ever seen or heard of a movie before Pintig ng Isip: The best thing about the film is that it tackles not just one major theme, but different themes are woven together in intricate ways. 

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