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Physiological Drama Film ‘The Humans’ Released By A24

A24, the studio behind hit movies like “Moonlight” and “Lady Bird”, has released “The Humans”, an eerie drama-thriller by director Stephen Karam. The film follows an uneasy, strained family as they prepare for a dinner party with its estranged patriarch. The movie has been receiving mostly positive reviews. As Chris Evangelista of /Film put it, “There’s a good chance this movie is going to give you the creeps, simply due to how unnatural and haunting everything appears here.” It has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and 78% on Metacritic. It’s also scored fairly well with critics in terms of content, making it one of the most highly-rated films this year. In his review, Karam says that “This is not just a family drama, it’s a story of how we can start to feel like strangers to our own families. This film is praised as the effective blend of a family drama and a horror.”

Who is in the cast:

  • Beanie Feldstein as Brigid Blake
  • Richard Jenkins as Erik Blake
  • Jayne Houdyshell as Deirdre Blake
  • Amy Schumer as Aimee Blake
  • Steven Yeun as Richard
  • June Squibb as Momo

Release Date:

The film was released on the 24th of November 2021.

What is the film about? 

The movie is centered on the Blake family, a family that has been recently forced to move. The eldest daughter and her boyfriend have taken their flat and have told them they have to move. There are a series of conflicts that take place in the movie regarding this new house. The family is not a very close one, and as tensions rise between them, things start to get strange. As the evening draws on, someone or something begins to mess with them and their safety begins to seem threatening. As they gather at the house, we get flashbacks of happier times. The film explores themes of grief, regret, and humanity. The film revolves around a dysfunctional family bound together by marriage, strained by mental illness and connection with nature and meaning. Throughout their lives, they’ve encountered pain, made mistakes, and learned their ways of survival and they attempt to rebuild their lives as they become aging people.

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Why should you watch this film? 

This is a horror film, but it is an effective one that won’t traumatize you. The movie takes its time to set up each scene and exposition, and it makes the audience feel uneasy from the first frame to the last. In another review by REFER, they talk about this and they describe this as “the new wave of psychological horror”. It will leave you with heavy thoughts and emotions.

What do critics say about the film? 

Critics praise the film for its excellent cast. it is just about perfect, with that knack for creating fear without even being on screen at all,” says Matt Singer of Screencrush. A few critics mention how well-written the dialogue is in the film and how it helps set up some nicely timed jokes. However, some critics see this as a flaw and that the film doesn’t push hard enough beyond a simple family drama. The movie has also earned some criticism for having certain themes and ideas rehashed from other films.


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