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Netflix Dropped The Trailer For The Upcoming Crime Drama TV Series ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’

Netflix dropped the trailer for Copenhagen Cowboy, the upcoming crime drama TV series. Initially, in September, Netflix has just dropped a brief first-look trailer of the latest Nicolas Winding Refn series. However, now Netflix drops the full trailer. The upcoming series are also known as “Copenhagen Cowboy” will be starring actress Angela Bundalovic (Miu). According to reports, the series will come out by January 5, 2023. The trailer gave a hint about the high-octane action scenes with guns and intense close-ups of the cast’s faces. The majority of the scenes in the video were set in either nighttime or dark settings. Copenhagen Cowboy will be the first crime drama series from the creator of “Drive”, “Valhalla Rising ”, and “Only God Forgives”. The highly anticipated series is about Miu, an enigmatic martial artist who was born and raised in Copenhagen. She has supposedly perfected her fighting skills. Aside from having almost unsurpassed fighting skills, she also has a secretive persona. She was described as someone who cannot be trusted or anything she says can be taken at face value. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Angela Bundalovic as Miu
  • Fleur Frilund as Jessica
  • Lola Corfixen as Rakel
  • Zlatko Burić as Miroslav
  • Andreas Lykke Jørgensen as Nicklas
  • Jason Hendil-Forssell as Chiang
  • Li Ii Zhang as Mother Hulda
  • Dragana Milutinović as Rosella
  • Mikael Bertelsen
  • Mads Brügger
  • Ramadan Huseini
  • Per Thiim Thim

Release Date:

The series is scheduled to be released on the 5th of January 2023.

What is the series about? 

According to Netflix, “Copenhagen Cowboy is a gripping crime drama set in Denmark. Miu is a young martial artist who was raised in Copenhagen by her grandmother, and she has spent her entire life honing her mastery of the fighting arts. Her childhood and adolescence were spent preparing herself for revenge against the men responsible for destroying her family. Years later, Miu has been avenging herself for years without either satisfaction or recognition. Now she finds herself on the verge of retirement from her years of martial arts training – but not before one last job. She’s hired by a shady company with an unpronounceable acronym to carry out one final mission: eliminate Rakel, the woman who destroyed their lives long ago.

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Who is the producer?

Nicolas Winding Refn is the executive producer, who is also the creator of the upcoming series. Besides that, he has made notable action films such as “Valhalla Rising” and “Only God Forgives”. The series was produced by Refn and John Cameron, who is known for their blockbuster movies “Drive” and the Oscar-nominated war film “Only God Forgives”. 

What makes this film interesting?

From the trailer, the series can be described as an action crime thriller. It has been described as a gritty, gritty, and dark story. Moreover, it’s also been said to be an emotional rollercoaster of revenge, which is also action-packed. In the trailer, it was found that Miu’s face is blurred and she removes her mask and looks fierce. However, at one point in the trailer, it was noted that she walks down a river with her eyes closed and when they have opened again she looks like herself again. It has also been claimed that her character in the series will be unforgettable and will perhaps even polarise viewers in a good way or bad way depending on which side one stands on.


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