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Lars von Trier Released The Third And Final Season ‘The Kingdom Exodus’

Since the release of the second season in 1997, there has been a long wait for Lars von Trier’s crazy comedy The Kingdom. Now, over 20 years later, his latest and final season was finally aired on Danish television Wednesday night. The third and final season takes place in the newly renovated Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen’s largest hospital, where all sorts of unresolved and irresolvable hostilities both supernatural and bureaucratic are once again at play. And like the first two seasons which originally aired on Danish television in 1994 and 1997 respectively, Lars von Trier once more tackles questions of death with hilarity in an unusually heart-warming way. Below is a summary of the new episodes, which can be seen in full here. As in season two, several plots run alongside each other and do not necessarily intersect with each other, but which all somehow revolve around the hospital itself.

Who is in the cast?

  • Ernst-Hugo Järegård as Stig Helmer.
  • Kirsten Rolffes as Sigrid Drusse.
  • Ghita Nørby as Rigmor Mortensen.
  • Søren Pilmark as  Jørgen Krogshøj.
  • Birgitte Raaberg as Judith Petersen.
  • Peter Mygind as Morten ‘Mogge’ Moesgaard.
  • Udo Kier as Age Krüger.
  • Laura Christensen as Mona Jensen.
  • Solbjørg Højfeldt as Camilla.
  • Henning Jensen as Bob.
  • Birthe Neumann as Fru Svendsen.
  • Holger Juul Hansen as Einar Moesgaard.
  • Jens Okking as Builder Harley Drusse.
  • Otto Brandenburg as Hansen.
  • Baard Owe as Palle Bondo.

Release Date?

The third season of the series was released on the 25th of October 2022.

What is the series ‘The Kingdom’ about? 

The Kingdom is a comedy series about the strange happenings in Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen’s largest hospital. There is a lot of drama both at the hospital itself as well as in the surrounding area, and this drama can sometimes be deadly serious indeed. However, it is simultaneously easy to laugh at, regardless of whether one believes in ghosts or not. The show has been described by Danish film critic Andreas Halskov as “possibly one of the most refined TV shows ever made.” In an interview with the website, Lars von Trier revealed that he has always wanted to make a comedy show centered on death and that he has no plans to make another season. The series was first aired on Danish television in 1994 and 1997 and has since been sold to over 150 countries.

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What is the third season about?

The third season takes place in the newly rebuilt Rigshospitalet where all sorts of unresolved and irresolvable hostilities both supernatural and bureaucratic are once again at play. The series is however a bit different than the first two seasons, as it doesn’t seem to center on any concrete characters. Rather, all of the stories are told in their segments and through several viewpoints, which seems to make the series feel larger in scope.

What makes this series interesting?

The Kingdom is a comedy series that has a lot of depth to its characters and it has both a powerful and serious message. However, there are also jokes galore, which makes this series an interesting mix between a comedic farce and an enlightening drama. There is also a lot of suspense, as well as tension and the whole series does not seem to be afraid to make you worry about the safety of some of its characters.


Is it worth watching?

This series is very interesting to watch, as well as captivating, and it is always better to be able to follow a series from the beginning. However, if you are not familiar with the first two seasons of The Kingdom, then it is still worth watching season 3. Season 3 includes lots of references to earlier episodes in the show and many jokes might otherwise go over your head without having seen the earlier seasons.

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