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The Action Sci-Fi Film ‘The Terminator’ Was Inspired From James Cameron’s Vivid Dream

The Terminator

James Cameron had a few interesting experiences while he was developing the idea for what would eventually become “The Terminator.” One of these, which is referenced in his commentary on the film, was getting high on ecstasy and listening to Sting. This gave him a vision of a world where robots killed humans and led to John Connor being created in “Terminator 2.” The history of this image is its interesting tale and a fascinating insight into the creation of one of the most groundbreaking films of all time.

The Terminator was released in 1984, an action thriller that would go on to become one of the highest-grossing films of all time. The Terminator is the first film in a series of five movies that are classic examples of time travel and have had a profound impact on cinema, from “Back to the Future” to “Terminator. Dreyfuss recently said that the crazy things that happened during production for “The Terminator” were one of his favorite memories about making the film.

Who is in the cast?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is shown as the Terminator
  • Michael Biehn is shown as Kyle Reese
  • Linda Hamilton showed as Sarah Connor
  • Paul Winfield is shown as Ed Traxler
  • Lance Henriksen shown as Vukovich
  • Bess Motta is shown as Ginger
  • Rick Rossovich is shown as Matt
  • Earl Boen shown as Dr. Silberman

Release Date:

The film was released on October 26, 1984.

What is the film about?

The Terminator is about robots taking over the world. The film follows John Connor, a brilliant but naive young man who becomes aware of a plot to kill him before he can lead the human resistance to defeat the evil robots. The first two films in the series were among the most influential and successful science fiction films of all time (and led to an idea for these movies happening way before James Cameron had even been born). These were two of the first films that explored time travel, computer graphics, and special effects up on stage at film festivals, showing audiences what was possible.

What makes this film exciting?

While the first film is an action thriller that some people may have trouble getting into, the other three are dark, philosophic, and pulse-pounding thrillers that will have your heart beating out of your chest as you immerse yourself in their futuristic world. The story is one of the best and most enduring storylines in sci-fi. It’s a huge success.  The film is truly one-of-a-kind with its bold story and touches on some incredibly complex themes (such as the nature of human behavior and how we deal with human suffering) that are prevalent in today’s society.


What are the audience reviews?

The film has a rating of 8.1 out of 10 from more than 200,000 votes on (which is the most popular movie website in the world). One user said that if you take this film as a serious action movie it will be a failure, but if you watch it as a dark parody of action movies then it becomes brilliant. Another reviewer wrote that “Terminator” fails to deliver high-octane thrills or incredible visual effects but still manages to entertain throughout with its good characters and great dialogues.

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