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‘Fraiser’ Getting A Reboot With You David Hyde By Paramount+

‘Fraiser’ Getting A Reboot With You David Hyde By Paramount+

The end of an era is quickly approaching. “Frasier” is coming to Paramount+ and it’ll be in the form of a reboot, but with David Hyde at the helm. Hopefully, this will be a celebration worthy of one of our most beloved TV shows. Kelsey Grammer, the famed comedian, and actor, is opening up about his reasoning behind the decision to bring Frasier back without David Hyde Pierce in the same interview. The character of Niles was a critical aspect of the show and audiences loved him for it. But when talking about whether or not he would be starring in the reboot, Hyde Pierce told producers that he had no interest in doing so. And, though Kelsey Grammer wishes that he could convince him otherwise, it’s not something that he can change. Originally broadcast on September 16, 1993, and ending on May 13, 2004, after eleven seasons, “Frasier” (based on the character created by David Angell and Peter Casey for their fourth-season episode “Cheers”) was filmed in front of a live audience and still managed to snag 5 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002.

Release Date:

The show was first released on the 16th of September 1993 and no confirmed release date was announced for the reboot. 

What is the show about? 

“Frasier” is the story of Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer), a widowed and childless psychiatrist who, in his hometown of Seattle, considers himself the “last voice of reason,” and lives with his father (Dana Ivey). “Frasier” also stars Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane’s brother Niles, David Hyde Pierce as their father Frederick (also called “Dinah”), and John Mahoney as Martin Crane, their father-in-law and Roz’s dad, who has a drinking problem. Frasier was a snobbish radio psychiatrist who constantly criticizes and insults people from his social class – there is no subject that he refuses to use as an example of how morally corrupt everyone around him is. He is especially cynical about marriage, as his own ended in divorce after his wife Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) cheated on him. His radio show has a caller named “Joey”, who turns out to be Niles.

What fans are expecting from the reboot? 

Fans have always been disappointed when the show was no longer on the air, but it’s great to see that this time around things will be different. Fans that have followed the series since it ended have been picking up on future ideas of nostalgia. Kelsey Grammer is expecting big things and fans are excited to see him return to TV as well. The last time we saw Frasier was a few years ago in a feature film and fans loved it though not many people had seen it. 


Why should you watch this show? 

It’s got a great cast and great writing, a fantastic theme song, and just tickles us pink every week. If you’re looking for something on your mind to watch, or if you want just one more episode before bed, this is an easy choice. Kelsey Grammer is fantastic as the arrogant radio psychologist who will insult your shoes if they’re not up to his standards. He has a fine brother in David Hyde Pierce (Eight is Enough) Niles, the wayward brother who struggles with commitment issues but is always there for Frasier when he needs him most.

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