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Hulu Coming With A new Supernatural Teen Comedy Film ‘Darby and the Dead’ This December

Darby (Riele Downs) is a high school student who can see dead people, which proves very handy in her everyday life. In this coming-of-age film, Darby’s story will track her journey from being an awkward outsider to becoming an expert on death and relationships as she stumbles toward dealing with her mortality. This coming-of-age story follows Darby (Riele Downs), a high school student who, after a near-death experience, can see dead people. She doesn’t know much about that other world at first, but Darby soon learns quickly that it can be a pretty complicated place. While her relationships are still in the early stages, she begins to realize that even good things have their consequences. As her relationship with family and friends evolves, so does her knowledge of death and loss.

Who is in the cast?

  • Riele Downs as Darby Harper
  • Auliʻi Cravalho as Capri
  • Asher Angel
  • Chosen Jacobs
  • Derek Luke
  • Genneya Walton
  • Tony Danza
  • Wayne Knight as Mel
  • Nicole Maines

Release Date:

The film is scheduled to be released on the 2nd of December 2022.

What is the film about?

 Darby (Riele Downs) has a near-death experience, which is how she discovers her strange ability to see dead people. All of the sudden, she sees a whole slew of dead people all around her. She figures out that she can talk to the dead, and help them move on. She can bring ghosts to other spirits so it helps them both. She and her boyfriend’s (Deniz Akdeniz) relationship starts great and he helps her get over her fear of ghosts. She begins to deal with her ghosts in life, as well as her death. It has a great cast and also the actors are doing great things. You’ll see Riele Downs in this film which is going to be very special for her. She’s got the lead in it, which is hard to do for a teenage girl like she is. She’s going after it hard and she’s getting good at it. The director is excellent, and I think he’s done a really good job with the film so far. 

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Why should you watch this film? 

We all have some regrets in our life, we have changed a lot of things that are happening even though we haven’t died. We’ve had to figure stuff out and now we’re trying to make real changes in our life. I think this movie will give people hope and also let them know that they can still change things that are happening even though they’re dying. It’s a really good movie, I think it’s going to be something great because of how far Riele has come with her acting. She’s getting better and she does an amazing job in it.

What makes this film interesting? 

There are a lot of films out right now that are very similar to this one, but they have maybe a little bit more comedy in them. This film is more serious than some of the films out there right now. I think it’s going to be a pretty dark film, but we’ll see what happens with that. I think this movie is unique in its way, it’s got a good story behind it and it has been created well. It’s just going to be up to the viewers to see if they like the film or not because everyone isn’t going to like every film. It’s going to be interesting how people react when they watch it, and I’m excited for everybody that watches the film for the first time.

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