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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film Starring Margot Robbie Got Cancelled By Disney

Disney recently announced they were canceling the movie, and it was all due to one low-key word: feminism. According to an interview with Variety Magazine, Margot Robbie revealed that her female-fronted ‘Pirates of the Caribbean film – which would have been written by Christina Hodson – will not be moving forward at Disney. Margot also confirmed what most Hollywood insiders already knew about the project: that it was scrapped because executives didn’t believe in its feminist message. “We were six weeks out from shooting,” Robbie said, “and they pulled the plug,” Robbie revealed that she and her female co-star Saoirse Ronan met with Disney execs to pitch the idea of a movie set in the film’s world, where women were leading pirate crews. Margot also said that “everything was great” during those meetings with Disney, but that it all came to a halt when one executive said they wouldn’t be able to sell it as a “feminist movie.” The decision has since been criticized by some fans, who say the film would have been a big step forward for gender equality in Hollywood. Others are questioning why no men were allowed on set during filming.

About the film Pirates Of the Caribbean:

The film follows Captain Jack Sparrow as he tries to escape the curse of immortality and find his freedom. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise tells the epic story of pirates, in all their forms from men condemned to live as devils, unaware of who they once were, to members of an honorable brotherhood fighting for freedom and that hold a deep respect for life. The Pirates Of The Caribbean film franchise is based on “Pirates Of The Caribbean,” a series of fantasy novels written by American author Tim Powers. More than 20 years ago, Powers began imagining a whole world based on piracy and adventure. He then set out to do just that with his first novel on the subject: On Stranger Tides.

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What is the fan’s reaction? 

Several Hollywood insiders and fans alike are applauding the decision to cancel the planned ‘Captain Jack movie. Several celebrities have been brought up to comment on the matter, and some feel that it’s long overdue for women to play bigger roles in films. Many fans of the franchise were thrilled with this decision, as many do not want their beloved characters ruined by bringing in women characters for no reason. The result of them canceling this movie will be a media backlash, and people returning money on ticket sales for future “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. 

What is film criticism?

Film criticism is an assessment of films that can be both positive and negative in their content. Both amateur and professional critics participate in this activity since it plays a crucial role in directing audience reception toward the quality of films. Film reviews contribute to the film industry by providing critics with an avenue through which they can express their opinions about films and express how they might affect society or culture going forward.


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