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Larry David’s Comedy Show ‘Seinfeld’ Everything We Know So Far

Larry David’s Comedy Show ‘Seinfeld’ Everything We Know So Far

One of the most influential and revolutionary comedy shows to hit television, Seinfeld has continued to remain a popular show for nearly twenty-five years since its premiere in 1989. Due to its unique comedic style, which focuses on four main characters’ lives and relatively “normal” flaws, the show has managed to attract a large fanbase. Seinfeld also became a well-known film in 1998 with the release of Madison Square Garden, and a Seinfeld was even included in the 2001 film, Tropic Thunder. Despite being rated relatively low during its first season, Seinfeld’s ratings improved drastically after the introduction of Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend George Costanza and his volatile relationships with two other friends – Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) and Elaine Benes (Julia Louis Dreyfus). The show holds an average rating of 9.4/10 on for its entire run, based on more than nine million user votes.

Who is in the cast?

  • Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry 
  • George Costanza as George
  • Elaine Benes as Elaine
  • Cosmo Kramer as Kramer

About the show?

Jerry Seinfeld, an out-of-work comedian who makes a living doing stand-up in New York City, and his friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander) have many neurotic arguments about what is socially acceptable behaviour in the city. They are often joined by Jerry’s neurotic ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis Dreyfus), a beautiful but ditzy woman who is constantly involved with her own life and often has no interest in understanding anything going on around her. The show also focuses on the comedy of George’s fiancé, Susan Ross (Heidi Swedberg). The show is notable for its unusual structure, which often consists of lengthy scenes that often last for several minutes. The show also includes a number of long monologues by George, Susan or Jerry that take up the entire episode and are often full of self-reflection. The show’s characters come from different backgrounds and professions, from Jerry who is an out-of-work comedian to George who is a struggling writer and Susan Ross who works in advertising to Elaine who works as a waitress in Puffy’s restaurant. 

What makes this show interesting?

The famous comedy show, Seinfeld has been a major success in American culture since it first aired in 1989. From the start, the show focused on three main characters: Jerry Seinfeld, played by Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander and Elaine Benes, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The three main characters are all involved with their own neurotic personalities and problems. Each one has their own distinct personality (Elaine is the ditzy one, George is the neurotic one and Jerry is the normal “everyday guy”). 

What were audience reviews?

Most of the sitcom was very well received by the audiences, but some did find it less funny than the original versions. Most viewers agreed that the show was even better than Seinfeld, but not as good as George or Kramer. The show ran for nine seasons. The sitcom was nominated for Emmy Awards seven times, including in 1990 and 1991 respectively. Additionally, the comedy has received three Golden Globe Award nominations and won once in 1987. However it did not win any awards during its run.

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