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The Upcoming Biographical War Drama Film ‘Devotion’ Khalid and Joe Jonas Release Music Video

The Upcoming Biographical War Drama Film ‘Devotion’ Khalid and Joe Jonas Release Music Video

This Veterans Day, Joe Jonas and Khalid release the music video of their song “Not Alone” – a featured soundtrack in the wartime movie Devotion. The video for “Not Alone” debuted on Friday, Nov 11 in honor of those who served in the United States Armed Forces. The music video was launched just in time to celebrate Veterans Day. The single is available to purchase and stream on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. To commemorate this special tribute, Joe Jonas and Khalid have teamed up with New Balance for a limited-edition Not Alone sneaker collaboration that will be released on November 11th. In the music video, Joe Jonas and Khalid are seen flying together in the air while performing their song. In addition, the video shows real footage of veterans and their heroic stories. While listening to the song, viewers can feel a sense of heroism, respect, and rebirth.

Who is in the cast of Devotion?

  • Jonathan Majors as Jesse Brown
  • Glen Powell as Tom Hudner
  • Christina Jackson as Daisy Brown
  • Joe Jonas as Marty Goode
  • Thomas Sadoski as Dick Cevoli
  • Serinda Swan as Elizabeth Taylor
  • Daren Kagasoff
  • Nick Hargrove
  • Spencer Neville

Release Date:

The film Devotion is scheduled to be released on 25 November 2022.

What is the film about?

The film is based on the true story of Ensign Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors) and Lieutenant Tom Hudner (Glen Powell), two aviators who joined the Navy at an early age, studied hard at top-flight schools and became the first African American enlisted pilots in the US Navy. The friends were both selected to join an elite squadron in 1944 where they flew off over the South Pacific. They had a close relationship throughout the war, which included being ordered to fly into battle against overwhelming odds.  The story is based on the book “Devotion: A True Story of Friendship and Heroism at War” by Adam Makos, who interviewed hundreds of veterans and family members for his book. The acclaimed movie features an all-star cast including Jonathan Majors (Jesse Brown), Glen Powell (Tom Hudner), and Joe Jonas  (Marty Goode).

What makes this film exciting?

“Devotion” is the first-ever US military aviation-themed movie to be based on a true story. The film tells the story of two young pilots at the height of the Korean War who find themselves in a life-and-death struggle against impossible odds. The stakes are high and their courage is tested to the limit. The real-life friendships between these two men are amazing as well as their bond as pilot brothers during the Korean War.

Who can watch this film?

The movie is not just for military fans but also anyone interested in an exciting drama. It is a great film for friends to watch together as well as for families. The story of friendship and sacrifices formed by the war will warm everyone’s hearts. It is a historical movie that can be passed on from generation to generation.


What are people saying about the film?

“Devotion” has received positive reviews from the audience and critics. The movie has an average rating of 6.5  out of 10 on IMDb and an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The viewers are impressed with the movie’s attention to detail as well as the respectful portrayal of military veterans. Many viewers also noted that this film is one of the best films about the Korean War in recent years and praised its casting choices, clear storyline, and excellence in production value considering it was a low-budget film.

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