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Netflix Romantic Drama Series ‘From Scratch’ Is Based On Tembi Locke’s Memoir

Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine Productions, is producing the Netflix romantic drama series “From Scratch” based on Tembi Locke’s memoir. This eight-episode series is inspired by the memoir and follows a cross-cultural love story that jumps between the beautiful Sicilian countryside and sunny Los Angeles. It’s an interesting new take on a classic rom-com. The series will explore how people’s desire for love and home can lead them down difficult paths. In the series, both the main characters will be interracial romantic leads, which is great to see. The series will be set in New York City and on the island of Sicily. Each episode will focus on a different place and time in the central couple’s relationship, showcasing their past together. It is the story of two young people in love and their relationship, which begins in the Sicilian countryside and ends in California, where they face a heartbreaking choice. It is a story of love, and family with an immigration twist. It is an immigrant love story that follows the power of friendship to transcend race and class differences. 

Cast and Character:

  • Zoe Saldaña as Amy
  • Eugenio Mastrandrea as Lino
  • Danielle Deadwyler as Zora
  • Judith Scott as Maxine
  • Kellita Smith as Lynn
  • Lucia Sardo as Filomena
  • Paride Benassai san Giacomo
  • Roberta Rigano as Biagia
  • Keith David as Hershel

Release Date:

The series was released on the 21st of October, 2022.

What is the series about? 

For 20-year-old Amy, the Hudson Hotels’ Elite Hospitality Program is an opportunity to get her cooking skills polished and explore new cultures while modeling a better life for herself. New York’s Hudson Hotel is struggling, but the Program offers hope that it can be saved. When she arrives in Sicily, her life is turned upside down by a handsome Italian chef named Lino who teaches her more than culinary skills. “From Scratch” is a relatable show that affirms the power of love, and it allows viewers to explore their own experiences in the world. The series takes a romantic drama story and moves it to a real-life setting with a couple of interracial kids living together in different cultures. It’s the story of two people who fall in love without knowing about each other’s backgrounds or what the future holds for them which is rare to see today. 

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What makes this film exciting?

This is a great show for every Netflix subscriber. The series offers romance, drama, and a lot of different personalities. Audiences are introduced to new cultures and learn about the lives of a couple of young adults. It is a relatable story that all people need to watch at least once, whether it is the first time you love or the first time you fall in love with someone who doesn’t speak your language. What makes this show more interesting than previous Netflix productions is that it explores cross-cultural relationships and interracial couples for this generation. The series offers important messages about true love that every single person needs to hear at some point in their lives.

Who can watch this series?

Everyone can watch this series. This show does not target a specific audience due to the storyline and genre. Anyone who watches it may enjoy it for the good storyline and great cast. The series will allow people to experience an interracial relationship through the eyes of two characters, which is something people are dying to see on television again. Women love this series because they want to see men who are not afraid to love a strong woman who takes care of herself and isn’t looking for a princess to get married to in a traditional sense.

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