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Everything That You Wanted To Know About ‘The Godfather’ Is Here

The Godfather, one of the all-time great films written by American novelist Mario Puzo and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is a cinematic masterpiece, a study about power and its consequences. The story traces the fall of Italian-American mobster Michael Corleone (played marvellously by Al Pacino) from World War II hero to head of his crime family. Along the way, Michael has some great lines and superb acting. He is also surrounded by a cast of characters that are unforgettable, including his father, (Marlon Brando), his brothers Sonny Corleone (James Caan) and Fredo Corleone (John Cazale) and his best friend Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall). Many critics regard The Godfather to be the greatest movie of all time. The story is told by a young Vito Corleone (Robert DeNiro), the son of the Don. Vito tells how his father came to America from Italy, worked hard and built up a small empire for himself. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone
  • Al Pacino as Michael
  • James Caan as Sonny
  • Richard Castellano as Clemenza
  • Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen
  • Sterling Hayden as Capt. McCluskey
  • John Marley as Jack Woltz
  • Richard Conte as Barzini
  • Al Lettieri as Sollozzo
  • Diane Keaton as Kay Adams
  • Abe Vigoda as Tessio
  • Talia Shire as Connie
  • Gianni Russo as Carlo
  • John Cazale as Fredo

Release Date:

The film was released on March 24, 1972 in the United States.

What is the plot of the film?

The plot of The Godfather is about the life of a young Italian-American man named Michael Corleone and his journey from post World War II New York to becoming a powerful Don in the Mafia. The film is about the Mafia’s criminal activities, but it is also about family and its loyalty. The film takes place in New York City during the early to mid 1970s. The main character is Michael Corleone, the adopted son of Vito, who is now the boss of a powerful old-world Mafia family. American movie fans know it for its unforgettable characters and its over-the-top violence. The movie’s success was astounding. It won many awards, including Francis Ford Coppola for Best Picture and Marlon Brando for Best Actor and Al Pacino for Best Supporting Actor. Pacino’s portrayal of Michael Corleone is one of the greatest performances in motion picture history. The movie also was nominated for Best Score, Best Sound and Best Film Editing but did not win any.

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What makes this film interesting? 

The Godfather is the greatest gangster film of all time. The movie has many memorable scenes including the baptism scene, the horse’s head and the final shoot-out in the street. It is unforgettable because of its characters and the powerful performances it contains. Michael is such a memorable character because he personifies all the arrogance, cruelty, honour and love that Vito had in him. Pacino’s portrayal of Michael is one of the greatest performances in film history and he perfectly captures Michael’s combination of intelligence, brutality and charm.

Why should I watch this film?

The Godfather is one of the greatest films ever produced. It is about the very human struggle for power and family loyalty. There are so many scenes in this movie that will make you jump on your seat or want to jump out of it! The film is a true masterpiece and you should definitely see it.


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