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It Prequel Series ‘Welcome to Derry’ Find Its Showrunners

Welcome to Derry is the upcoming prequel series that will delve into the history of Derry and its relationship with Pennywise, the interdimensional shape-shifting entity that lurks in sewers and feeds on children’s fears. The show will be based around a group of protagonists and their own personal journeys as they encounter this entity for the first time. The cast will be made up of mostly newcomers aside from Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike Hanlon in Chapter One. Fuchs and Kane are planning on having a mixed cast of all genders, races, sexualities, weight classes, sizes as well as people with different abilities. “We want it to be inclusive and diverse,” said Fuchs and Kane. It has to be a group of kids that reflect the diversity of the world in which they live. Jason Fuchs and Brad Kane, Welcome to Derry showrunners. The two are also planning on having an array of supernatural abilities including telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis. 

Release date: 

The show is set to debut in 2024 but no exact date has been announced at this time. The show will air on the streaming service HBO Max and other networks around the world. 

About the series?  

A new story set in the Stephen King Multiverse, Welcome to Derry will be a prequel series starting with the early years of the town of Derry and its residents. It will tell more of the history of the town of Derry and its banishment of the evil entity, Pennywise. The show will introduce a new group of protagonists to watch as they try to uncover what Pennywise is and what it plans on doing next. According to Fuchs and Kane, the show will examine the way that fear has shaped people’s beliefs. “I don’t know if you call it witchcraft or magic or supernatural but in Derry there is a palpable belief that something evil is out there and it has always been out there.” Jason Fuchs, Welcome to Derry showrunner. “It’s something that has always been there and it’s just part of the fabric of the universe. We explore how a place like that would affect kids,” added Kane. 

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What are fans expecting ?  

Many fans have been looking forward to this show because Pennywise is such a popular and iconic character. While other new interpretations of the character have been done over the years, never has one been as well-received as Tim Curry’s in The It movie. “I think that people are going to like it because it is a different take on It and it’s going to be interesting. We’ll be talking about that in a later episode,” Fuchs said about how the new story will be different from what fans see in the movies.


Who can watch this series?  

Pennywise is a powerful character and so are the people in the town of Derry. It is not recommended that this show be watched by any children under the age of 13 because of graphic content and some scenes that might be too scary for them. But it will be interesting to see how many kids will watch this show anyway. Adults can enjoy it, but might need to pace themselves as well and take breaks between episodes. 

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