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Season Three Of ‘Creepshow’ Gets Blu-Ray Release Date

Coming up on December 6th, 2022, renowned horror anthology series Creepshow is going to be released in Blu-ray or DVD format. The show not only boasts a stellar cast of stars such as Hannah Fierman and Kara Kimmer, but also provides a wide variety of spine-tingling scares with every episode. The series was renewed for Season 4 this February and according to RLJE Films will have its release date set for sometime in 2023. On the 14th of October, 2023, RLJE Films and Mondo Tees will be releasing a limited edition (1200 units) Creepshow Season 3 Blu-ray or DVD set. According to RLJE Film President, Sarah Bowen Whitaker is pleased with the release of this limited edition set. She expressed her thanks to the fans and anticipates they will show their appreciation with this purchase. She expressed gratitude and respect to the cast and crew that made this annual horror comedy series become an instant classic.

Release Date:

Season 3 of the series is scheduled to be released in Blu-Ray on 6th of December.

About the series ? 

With the success of the first two seasons, Creepshow is aiming to be a spin-off of the original film. While many critics warn you against watching the series because it isn’t as good as the original film, I say that you should give it a chance. The season consists of 6 episodes like most other anthologies do; they all tie into each other similar to how Creepshow 2 was supposed to have done but didn’t follow through with. The season is set in a town that has an annual Creepshow. Season Three of “Creepshow” is considered one of the best episodes ever made and it is not hard to see why with its stellar cast that brings you deeper into each storyline than before. From start to finish, this season has you on the edge of your seat with its rich dialogue and stellar performances by each cast member.

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What makes this series interesting?

I feel that what sets this anthology apart from the rest of the horror anthologies is its ability to be both funny and scary. While other anthologies fail to provide a scary story that makes you angry because it’s so cliché, “Creepshow” has given us stories that do not just scare us but also leave us laughing. The ability of “Creepshow” to make you laugh while simultaneously keeping you guessing is something other anthologies lack. I think what needs to be taken into consideration is how well-thought out these stories are. They aren’t just one-liner scares, they are stories with a beginning, middle and end.


What fans are expecting from season 4?

I think the most anticipated episode for Season 4 of “Creepshow” is going to be “Opening Night” because it is considered by many to be one of the best episodes ever made. It has everything a fan could ask for in this genre of orchestrated comedy and horror. The season will have a total of 12 tales just like Season 3 did, which will consist of one main story and 11 secondary stories that tie into the main story.

Who can watch this show?

Although this series is targeted for fans of horror, it’s not just for the horror fans. You can find yourself laughing at one moment and the next you will be thinking how the show is using symbolism or foreshadowing. I recommend this series to everyone because it isn’t just a seasonal horror anthology, but also for people who want to take a break from True Blood and other stereotypical vampire stories. 

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