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Nicolas Cage Joins The Cast Of Upcoming Horror Thriller’ Longlegs’

This is the news that Nicolas Cage fans have been waiting for. The man once known as a reliably real actor and producer has now moved on to his next weird task: starring in an upcoming horror thriller called Longlegs. Despite having little to no acting experience (except Ghost Rider), this may be a chance for him to make another acclaimed performance. The film is being written and directed by Osgood Perkins, who also co-wrote Gretel & Hansel. This is something interesting to look forward to. Nicolas Cage isn’t exactly known for being good in horror, but his ability to carry off a dramatic role makes this an exciting project for everyone who loves both horror and drama. Hey, it’s not a bad idea for him to get out of those awful National Treasure movies that he was making back then. 

What to expect from the film?

 Well, Nicolas Cage seems to be good at playing psychotic people, as he proved in Season of the Witch, and Longlegs is also a horror film. I guess it’s one of those dark psychological thrillers that are either good or bad. If it turns out really bad, then we’ll all be very disappointed. On the other hand, if it turns out well and takes the classic horror movie style of storytelling, we’ll have something special on our hands. It can be both dark and funny at the same time. I knew Nicolas Cage was going to make a great performance in any movie he appears in. He has a lot of experience in dramatic roles, and he can pull off a good performance with even the most ridiculous script.

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How did Nikolas’s fans react? 

Well, I don’t know but I haven’t heard too many fans saying that they are digging the idea. The response ranges from “HELL YEAH”, to “WTF”. Either way, some of his fans that already know about the project are already working on coming up with Nicolas Cage horror movie stories for their next fan fiction. They are pretty creepy and interesting to read. Most are just trying to make some funny jokes related to his genre and/or character choice, as this is such a ridiculous thing to happen in a horror film (he is one of the biggest names in American cinema and he’s doing a low-budget horror film).

What is the general?

Longlegs is described as a psychological thriller in the same vein as other classic Hollywood films, and already has Nicolas Cage attached to the project along with David Caplan and Jason Cloth (who will be producing under C2 Pictures). This is something interesting to look forward to. Nicolas Cage is no stranger to horror films (I’m not even sure if you can call Season of the Witch a horror film), but putting him in an all-out classic horror film like The Shining or Jaws would’ve been more interesting, but with this current project it certainly sounds like something that would surprise us just as much.

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