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‘The Conjuring’ Spinoff ‘The Crooked Man’ No Longer Happening Says James Wan

James Wan, the director of The Conjuring franchise gave a heart-breaking revelation that the much-rumoured Crooked Man spin-off is no longer happening. This is a tremendous disappointment for fans of the genre and horror fans alike, but don’t worry, it may not be too late to save Crooked Man. In a recent interview with Deadline , James Wan spoke about the state of the project and how it is no longer happening and that there wasn’t really anything to report on it. He stated: “There’s not much to report back on with The Crooked Man . It was one of the projects that I was developing when I first came over to New Line. I spent about four or five months developing this thing and writing at length about it, but then kind of moved on from it and developed other things for them. As it was previously reported by Entertainment Weekly, this film would have featured one of the creepiest monsters in horror movie history. Was initially pitched the idea of this movie, but told EW that he has pulled out of making it.

Things that you should know:  

The movie follows a family who are haunted by a demonic entity that takes the shape of the person who is closest to them, which just so happens to be their teenage daughter. Wan stated that The Crooked Man takes place in the same universe as the Conjuring franchise, but it is a completely different story conceptually. This has been compared to a demonic version of the film “It Follows, and the movie is described as an “R-rated Hitchcockian thriller” by Wan. This movie is part of what Wan calls “the New Line universe”, which started with The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle: Creation. This means it will share continuity with these two films and could potentially set up a third shared universe film if everything works out in the studio system.

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About the film ‘The Conjuring’? 

The first film in the Conjuring universe, The Conjuring, was released in 2013 by Warner Bros. and it starred Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren. The film went on to gross $319 million worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing horror films of all time. Wan’s involvement with the first movie was pretty fantastic as well, where he wrote the story and directed the movie as well. This led to him getting the director seat for Annabelle: Creation, which was released in 2017 by New Line Cinema. It continued his work with Warner Bros., which he began with Insidious (first movie) and The Conjuring (second movie).

What is the fan’s reaction? 

Fans of the series are already losing their minds over this development and as you can see above, it has been trending on Twitter and fans are desperately trying to get the studio to change their minds and make this movie happen. It’s safe to say that people want this movie, even if it’s just a small budget horror release. These fans have been asking for something new from the franchise since 2016, when a Conjuring 3 was announced. Unfortunately, we still have no idea what is going on with that project either. We do know that Wan is directing Aquaman 2 though, so he’s still in business with Warner Bros.

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