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Netflix Drops The Trailer For The Upcoming True Crime Documentary ‘Capturing the Killer Nurse’

Netflix Drops The Trailer For The Upcoming True Crime Documentary ‘Capturing the Killer Nurse’

As the word is being echoed by the many critics and people who are eagerly waiting for this documentary to be released, Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer featuring high-quality cinematography and graphics. This high-quality teaser reflects captivatingly well on how the documentary will eventually appear in front of its audience. While captivating, it also looks as if it was pertaining towards a crime scene where an investigation is currently taking place. The documentary focus on  Nurse Charles Cullen. Cullen is alleged to have killed at least 40 patients with lethal doses of drugs in order to collect their insurance money before killing again. The documentary promises to present an intricate and complex portrait of a killer, as well as the people who helped him. Charles Cullen was employed at four different hospitals in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania between 1986 and 2003. A total of 16 to 17 years, Cullen worked at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey’s Rahway Hospital, Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington and Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg. The hospitals were unaware that Cullen was killing his patients and claimed their life insurance payout after doing so.


  • Amy Loughren
  • Charles Cullen

When and where can you watch this film?

As the trailer has already been released, viewers will be able to watch this film on Netflix. If you are interested in watching the upcoming documentary, you can go to Netflix’s official webpage at its official website where it will be available to stream on November 11, 2022.

What is the film about?

The film is about Cullen’s murderous career, the people he worked with and the families of his victims who are still looking for answers. The documentary gives a glimpse into the crimes of Cullen and gives an insight into the most notorious serial killing by a nurse in American history. Specifically, it is said to be an intricate portrayal of a killer that Cullen himself describes as “cold-blooded” and “compulsive.” Cullen is portrayed as a “master manipulator,” a character that he was able to pull off very easily due to his charming demeanour. However, viewers regarding this documentary may want to be cautioned that there are moments where this documentary might be too graphic for them.

Who can watch this film? 

The documentary is just to be seen by those that are interested in the story of Cullen and his crimes, who are looking for answers and the victims’ families. There is an extreme amount of brutality in this film, so those that want to study trauma may want to avoid this film if they are experiencing such symptoms. However, the tone of this film is complimented very well by the graphics and cinematography which makes it straightforward and easy to understand without too much reading.

What makes this film interesting?

The production company that is making this film, has been said to be “the best in the business of true-crime documentaries.” Netflix tends to choose well-known companies when producing films as it does not want to risk its reputation of producing quality films. In recent years, Netflix has started producing more content, including original television series and films. When adapting Cullen’s crimes, this documentary will provide viewers with the perspective of his victims and those who attempted to expose him while also showing Cullen’s life on the outside while he was awaiting sentencing. This documentary will have a lot of interesting aspects due to the perspective it takes by following both sides of Cullen’s story.


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