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Lewis Pullman The Star Of Upcoming film ‘Salem’s Lot’ Says Remake Will Do “Justice To The Book”

Lewis Pullman The Star Of Upcoming film ‘Salem’s Lot’ Says Remake Will Do “Justice To The Book”

When it finally comes to the big screen, Salem’s Lot will be a different animal than its 1979 counterparts. “This is going to be very true to the book, but what we have done is we have done some time jumps that aren’t in the book,” Pullman said. “We do a time jump in part one from summertime to wintertime and I think you’re gonna like that. And then there are other things where Gary Dauberman just got really creative with this and I’m blown away with what he did because it will give new life for viewers who have read it and those who haven’t. He’s done a great job of opening new doors, but not changing the original story.” Pullman said that in addition to the time jumps, Dauberman added characters and storylines that enhance the story being told. “He’s actually added a lot of stuff and most people will be very surprised,” Pullman said. “This is going to be as close to the book as you’re ever going to get without being the actual book. 

Cast and Character:

  • Lewis Pullman as Ben Mears
  • Makenzie Leigh as Susan Norton
  • Alfre Woodard as Dr. Cody
  • John Benjamin Hickey as Father Callahan
  • Bill Camp as Matthew Burke
  • Jordan Preston Carter as Mark Petrie
  • Pilou Asbæk as Richard Straker
  • William Sadler
  • Spencer Treat Clark as Mike Ryerson
  • Nicholas Crovetti as Danny Glick
  • Cade Woodward as Ralph Glick

Release date:

No confirmed date has been announced yet it is expected to be released in 2023.

What is the film about?

The series will begin with a remake of the 1979 original film, which tells the story of author Ben Mears (played by Lewis Pullman) returning to the small town of Jerusalem’s Lot (now called “Salem’s Lot), Maine. After he discovers that vampires are preying upon his neighbours, Mears teams up with local outcast, Barlow, and a rag-tag group of survivors. Together they fight to survive the night and hopefully rid their once sleepy town of evil forever. The film will draw upon the book sequel, “Salem’s Lot” for inspiration. The original film follows the original book more than the second novel. It’s based on the events in the book of the same name, but “will not be a literal adaptation of any of those stories, it’s really going to be an original story that picks up those themes,” Pullman said. “There is a lot of stuff that happens in the book that I don’t think lends itself to being filmed and the characters.

What fans are expecting from the film? 

We think there are going to be a lot of surprises. We think they’re gonna love the characters. It’s the same characters but they have been given a very different sort of life, which is what happens when you make a movie like this, we guess,” Pullman said. “I think people will be shocked and surprised at how much fun it is.” However, it’s going to be very true to the book but a lot of things have been added that weren’t in the book, so we have time jumps into different years but they are not in the book.

Why should I watch this film?

We think it’s going to be really fun and we know if you have read the book it’s going to be very faithful. You may not know what some of the surprises are until you get a little bit into the show,” Pullman said. I don’t know if people have read it recently but there are a lot of twists and turns that we’ve added in and there are a lot of characters that will come back from other media. 


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