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James Gunn Promising In An Statement For Dc’s ‘Biggest Story Ever’ Across Film And TV

James Gunn Promising In An Statement For Dc’s ‘Biggest Story Ever’ Across Film And TV

Since the news broke that he and producer Peter Safran would be taking on the newly-created positions of DC Entertainment co-chairmen, many have speculated on whether or not this may affect the filmography of James Gunn. As it turns out, Gunn has provided reassurance in a statement for DC that their Biggest Story Ever Told would take place across film and television as well. “DC is obviously a whole different animal, but I have no doubt that the lessons learned while telling one of the most complicated and beloved comic-book stories ever will translate into a billion-dollar movie. And more importantly, it’s going to be fun as hell.” This may not be a surprise to many fans of James Gunn. In an interview with TheWrap at San Diego Comic-Con, the director talked about how he had been manipulating his DC Universe character into something that would resonate with fans and not just the comic-book universe. Gunn explained further that this is something he has been wanting for a long time and being able to do it was only made possible by being a part of the Warner Bros. family.

About James Gunn? 

James Gunn is a critically acclaimed writer, director and producer. He is perhaps best-known for the critically-acclaimed indie horror “Slither” starring Nathan Fillion. In 2014, James came to a new platform when he was hired as the writer and director of the Suicide Squad movie, in which he help craft both the script and the character of Harley Quinn. In 2015, James was signed by DC as the writer and director of the Suicide Squad among other projects. . In the following year, James was in talks to do a second Suicide Squad film and possibly write and direct a film based around The Flash for DC. James also helped craft a script for the live-action remake of “The Jetsons” by Warner Bros. All of these projects were scrapped when James made controversial comments on a number of social media platforms that led to him being removed from Disney’s Marvel Universe. 

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What type of movie fans are expecting from James Gunn?

According to the latest news from James Gunn, his upcoming DC Universe project will be something big and is considered as the the Biggest Story Ever Told. This could mean two things, it will be a major player in DC’s filmography and does not need to conform to the comic-book world. it might take place in an alternate universe. In a Q&A session with fans on Facebook, James was asked if he would ever consider a live-action adaptation of Grant Morrison’s graphic novel series “The Invisibles”, he responded by saying that he might work on “Invisibles” after his work on Suicide Squad. The ‘biggest story ever told’ could be a reference to the “Big Two” that is DC and Marvel Comics. The two comic-book giants are constantly battling each other in new ways, this would mean that the biggest story of all time is related to these rivalries.


What are fans’ reactions to James Statements?

So far, fans have responded positively to James’ statements about the upcoming DC project. First there were all the non-DC fans who were already excited to see what James Gunn had in store. Then there were the DC fans who were hoping that James Gunn would bring something new to their comic-book movie universe. 

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