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Sparks Brothers Developing New Musical Film ‘X Crucior’

The production of the new film ‘X Crucior’ has been a success for the Sparks Brothers. After producing their film, they are now seeking additional opportunities. One such opportunity is being taken by Focus Features where they are creating an entire series based on Newt Scamander’s book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A brand new adventure will be created with many returning favorites, yet with a twist in how the story will unfold. The two brothers have shown great skill and talent in adapting their musical talents into creative storytelling abilities that even those who missed out on seeing them in concert would love to see on screen. As they expand into creating one of their movies.

About the film? 

Collaborating in the new production with Ron and Russell have been the ever-reliable members of the Potter community. Barry Sonnenfeld has also been enlisted to direct an upcoming casting announcement for this new project. The Sparks Brothers have already earned the trust of their Potter fanbase with their work on both their movie and their tour. Their music is fun and uplifting, with a dose of humor to keep you cheering.  The brothers have confirmed that they have begun composing music for the film, but they are keeping silent on the details of their musical score. They have previously explained that their process involves writing down what comes to mind when they hear a musical note or melody in their head, which can sometimes take hours or even days of long nights and odd hours. They are in no rush for this film though, so rest assured that if you see them performing it is still from an unofficial recording.

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What are fans expecting from the film?

The band rep has said that fans can expect a lot more in the way of musical numbers from the film than they had previously done. There will be less singing, but more of a role in adapting music into storytelling. This is a move different from their previous film and much more like what Harry Potter fans are accustomed to. The brothers’ admitted that they have enjoyed stepping out of their comfort zones with their past projects and naturally, they have decided to step back into it with this new project. They are not ones to shy away from pressure or changes, so fans can look forward to seeing how the story will unfold when it finally makes its way onto the silver screen.

What will be the targeted audience?

If you love the music, there is a good chance that you may be able to relate to the hearts of Ron and Russell. Both have grown up with this series, so they know every song and story by heart. The film will be targeting family-friendly audiences who would enjoy a lighthearted story with a touch of humor. 


How is the casting going?

The Sparks Brothers have mentioned that they are planning on having a massive amount of world-class actors play some major roles in the movie. 

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