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HBO Cancelled The Reboot Of The Series ‘Degrassi’

HBO has decided against moving forward with their reboot of Degrassi, a decision that many viewers were not happy about. They say that it was too soon for the series to return and that there are no plans in the works for future seasons. Degrassi is one of their most successful shows, and they hope to still be able to continue its legacy in some other form. The fan-favorite characters from the past five series would have been returning, but this new reboot would have been set “six years later”. HBO announced last Thursday that they would be canceling production on the reboot due to what they say were “unforeseen circumstances. The show’s latest season ended with fans wondering what would happen to their favorite characters. This announcement means that there will be no sixth installment of Degrassi. The hit teen drama, which first aired in 2001, follows the lives of several teenagers who attend Degrassi Community School. Fans have been following the lives of their favorite characters since then, although they’ve never stayed in school for longer than five years at a time. 

What is the series about?

The show is a drama series that’s targeted toward youth and young adults. The series follows the lives of several students who are in a school called Degrassi Community School. The students deal with issues such as peer pressure, teen pregnancy, child abuse, drug use, and more. The show is based on the lives of high school students who attend a fictional Toronto secondary school named after producer Linda Schuyler’s childhood nickname “Degrassi”. The show has won numerous awards, including an Emmy award for the best youth program and it has been nominated for several other awards since it started airing back in 2001. The original Degrassi series kicked off in 2001. The series began airing on The Kids’ WB as a six-part miniseries. Then, in 2002, the show was expanded into a full-length series and it aired for five more seasons. The last season ended with a cliffhanger: A fire destroyed most of the Degrassi Community School building and everyone’s future was left uncertain. 



Why should I watch the series?

Degrassi is one of the most popular teen dramas ever created. According to a Kids’ WB survey taken in 2007, Degrassi was rated by more than 75% of kids as their favorite teen drama to watch. The show’s fans are extremely loyal and vocal about the series and it’s pretty rare for them to move on from the show. The series has received several awards since being first broadcast in 2001, including two Kids’ WB awards, one Canadian Screen Award, and an Emmy. Fans were very disappointed when they heard that Degrassi was returning for a sixth season, but at least it will always be remembered for being such a successful program.

Who can watch this series? 

The show is suitable for teens and young adults. The show doesn’t have any inappropriate content, so it’s 100% safe for children to watch. Since the show deals with very serious issues like teen pregnancy and drug use, older teens are the perfect audience for Degrassi. However, if your child already watches shows like Dawson’s Creek or Degrassi: The Next Generation, then age-appropriate content isn’t going to scare them away. However, younger children who have seen the earlier version of this series will be interested in seeing what happens next since they’re familiar with the characters.

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