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Wonderful Game Which Consist Action, Adventure And Drama ‘God of War Ragnarok’ Will Be Releasing This November

Wonderful Game Which Consist Action, Adventure And Drama ‘God of War Ragnarok’ Will Be Releasing This November

When the family of a Viking warrior is murdered by their treacherous uncle, Kratos and his son Atreus set out on a journey to fulfill their vengeance. But the ruthless god of war who shares Kratos’s blood is determined to stop them. Battle through Norse mythology or die trying as they fight to survive in this perilous quest, an unforgiving journey that will take you into worlds of unimaginable monsters and magic. The sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘God of War has arrived in ‘God of War: Ragnarök’, stuffed with more action than ever before. We spoke to the man who guided ‘God of War: Ascension to the top of the PlayStation Network charts, Cory Balrog. The Wipeout franchise has seen a lot of great games come and go over the years, but Arjan Brussee sees this as a way to break it into two. ‘You’re also dead forever when you stop playing,’ he says.

About the game God Of War Ragnarok:

It is a sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed “God of War”. new for Ragnarok, the fight is not only brutal but also more personal than ever before, as Kratos finds himself having to fight for his life and the lives of his family against a crazed god. The game will include realms from Ragnarok and the Atlantean empire which were not in previous games. you can discover new gameplay mechanics and weapons like war axes made of ice, and a bow that can fire ice arrows that freeze enemies and allow you to climb them as they shatter. This is one of two new gods of war games coming in 2022. it is a journey filled with thrills, shocks, and surprising twists. Take control of Kratos as he sets out to avenge his family’s death in the world of Norse Mythology. Battle ancient creatures and mythological beasts while solving puzzles and overcoming deadly traps. Create your path using hidden blades and battle through hordes of enemies to take the ultimate revenge. 


What are fan reviews?

It’s an incredibly solid experience and it can hold its own with the best of them. It may even surpass them. – Meristation “God of War is a completely different game from any other in the series, while still feeling familiar to fans. It truly feels like almost everything you come across has a purpose or can be interacted with. Kratos is no longer the brilliant character he once was back, but this is his most meaningful journey yet.


What makes this game interesting?

A large part of the time, you can choose where to go, what to do, and how things play out in your quest through a Norse realm. “God of War” is an unbelievable game that’s not just one of the best action games ever made, it’s one of the best games ever made. Taking everything great about previous entries but ditching the cliches in favor of more modern approaches hasn’t just refreshed the series and restored Kratos’ place among gaming’s pantheon; it has resulted in his best adventure yet.

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