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Upcoming Action Film ‘Black Warrant’ Official Trailer Is Out

If you love action movies, then this is the trailer for you. Coming soon to theatres everywhere and featuring an all-star cast, Black Warrant is sure to intrigue moviegoers of all ages. Get a glimpse into the life of a cyber terrorist, ting revenge on those who hurt them, and make it out alive. If you like what you see in this trailer, then the latest thriller is right up your alley. A terrorist organization has been working on a dangerous machine that could destroy the world. Now it’s up to DEA agents and special ops assassins to put a stop to the problem before it’s too late. The only thing standing in their way are some corrupt politicians and members of law enforcement who want the whole world watching in terror as they push their agenda  even if civilians suffer in the process.

Who is in the cast?

  • Cam Gigandet as Anthony
  • Jeff Fahey as LaRusso
  • Tom Berenger as Nick Falconi
  • Tonantzin Esparza
  • Jonathan Avigdori as Sadiq
  • Sara Seyed as Rashida
  • Rafael Cabrera as Zico
  • Helena Haro as Mina
  • Rodrigo Abed as Capitan Escalante
  • Hani Al Naimi as Hussein Bin Farri
  • Peter Nikkos as Fevzi  Polat
  • Carlos Aylagas as Fernando Sanchez
  • Joe Chacon as Juan
  • Akram Basuni as Khalil
  • Carissa Bussey as Anthony’s assistant

Release Date:

No Confirmed release date has been announced; it is expected to be released in 2022.

What is the film about?

 Black Warrant is an action thriller that follows a group of cyber terrorists, led by the villain of the film, as they work to bring down a corrupt organization and bring about world peace. In order to prevent the destruction of our world, a team has been set up by a terrorist organization to take down these criminals who want to use their technology for their own personal gain. It’s all up to special agents turned covert operative Sebastian Roper. The two have worked together many times before, but this is the most dangerous mission of them all as they must stop the terrorists from unleashing their new power of destruction upon the world. Set in modern day, this film will keep you on your toes as you watch these real-life heroes come together to fight off terrorists and save lives. If you like computer technology and action movies, Black Warrant is a film that is right up your alley.

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What is interesting about the film? 

The main thing that stood out to me about this film is the way they did the special effects. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it was so realistic! The effects are so awesome and they will most definitely be a big selling point for this movie. The fight scenes were also very well done in my opinion. They seemed very real to me. It was also nice to see that they took the time to get the details right, right down to their clothes, hair styles and everything like that. 

What does the trailer show? 

This trailer shows all of the main characters, who are two special agents and a terrorist organization. The special agents are trying to stop the terrorists from attacking innocent civilians with their new power source. There is also a lot of action in this trailer that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as some building explosion scenes and other computer generated effects.


Who is the director? 

The film’s director is Tibor Takács, who has been in the film industry for many years. He is well known for his ability to direct films that have a high level of action, but can still touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye

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