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“The Exorcist” Is Coming Back After Five Decades

America’s most famous horror movie “The Exorcist” is coming back after five decades. The Exorcist was released in 1973 and it tells the story of a young girl possessed by a demon, or the devil, as well as the priests who perform an exorcism on her. It went on to win two Academy Awards and became one of the highest-grossing movies ever at that time. Since then it has been released in numerous forms and formats, but none received the same attention as the original. However, there’s no reason “The Exorcist” cannot be released again as it is still a popular movie for horror fans. Producer Sander Halvorsen of Ganja Productions said he is confident about releasing “The Exorcist” again now with modern filmmaking techniques. He said he will take into consideration the various views of the fans and will determine the timing after consultation with director William Friedkin who directed the classic film. 

What will the movie be about?

A young girl is possessed by an evil demon. The girl and her mother are taken to a hospital where the priests perform an exorcism and drive away the evil spirit. However, this does not last for long. The evil spirit returns and so the girl and her mother travel to an isolated house for a last battle against the evil spirit.

Why should we watch it?

The Exorcist is considered one of the best horror movies ever made and has influenced numerous other movies. The film mixed elements of horror, drama, and suspense to create a dark and scary atmosphere that was both creepy and thought-provoking. It also pushed the limits of what could be shown on screen at that time, with strong scenes that still stand up well today.


What are the highlights?

There are plenty of highlights in The Exorcist, from its classic music to some truly horrifying moments such as when the young girl spits out green vomit at her mother or when she swears during an interview with a psychiatrist. It is uncertain when the film will be released, but it is sure to get plenty of attention from horror fans. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Exorcist stands up well after so many years and whether or not there are enough horror fans to make it a success. There’s no doubt that The Exorcist is one of the greatest horror movies ever made. And for those who can’t wait until then, the special effects are still impressive today, even if they’re not quite as good as those seen in the original.

What can we expect from the upcoming movie?

Most fans know The Exorcist was released in 1973. This means it is relatively young compared with modern horror movies like “The Conjuring” or “Poltergeist”. But scary as it is, The Exorcist is still fairly tame compared to modern horror movies on the big screen. So what should we expect from the upcoming movie? Many fans and movie experts expect a movie that will be more similar to modern horror movies. On the other hand, others believe that it will remain true to the original and do not want a remake but rather a continuation of the story.


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