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The Co-creator Of ‘Stargate’ Says The Reboot Will “Probably Series Will Never See The Light Of Day”

The Co-creator Of ‘Stargate’ Says The Reboot Will “Probably Series Will Never See The Light Of Day”

We hope that the remake of this beloved show finally sees the light of day sometime shortly. Co-creator Brad Wright, who also co-created “Stargate SG-1” and “Stargate Atlantis”, is currently on board with MGM to reboot his creation. “It’s just a matter of when they get around to doing it,” Wright told Variety. “The project is alive and well, as far as I know, it could happen next week or next year or not for 10 years. There are no specifics on when or where things will happen with Stargate again. ” Wright’s been trying to get a new Stargate series off the ground since the turn of the decade. The original film trilogy grossed $196 million worldwide and spawned two television shows: “Stargate SG-1” (1997 to 2007) and “Stargate Atlantis” (2004 to 2009). MGM has been trying to reboot it since 2016 executive producer of the “Stargate” TV series Dean Devlin happened to be a big fan of how Wright is handling the reboot.

What is the Show Stargate about?

The story begins in Giza, Egypt in 1928, when an archaeology Professor named Paul Langford unearths a large, mysterious pyramid. He then can decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphics and finds out that there’s a lost city on the other side of the universe that contains treasures beyond your wildest imagination. Unfortunately, aliens show up and try to stop him from going there, because that’s where they live. Nothing can stand in the way of someone who wants to go find treasure, though, so he escapes with his daughter and a military escort straight into the portal before it closes. They then arrive on a frozen planet and find the Lost City of Atlantis which is protected by a powerful shield that keeps it hidden from human eyes. The Professor breaks through and can create a device that can temporarily lower the shield, but he has created this device in secret and plans to steal all of their treasures for himself. 


What fans are expecting from the reboot?

Fans have been desperately waiting for a new Stargate series to come back. It’s one of those cult-classic sci-fi series that everyone knows, but only a small minority ever watched. Seriously, this could be the best thing that ever happened to fans of the show, considering the terrible response that “Stargate Universe” got. This could be exactly what we’ve been waiting for to see a new Stargate series pick up where “SG-1” left off and how it was ultimately canceled in 2009. 

Who can watch this series?

This series will be perfect for fans of the original, who will be able to enjoy it without having to rewatch the previous 10 seasons. Fans of sci-fi series’ like Stargate and “Fringe” would also enjoy this show, as well as anyone who was a fan of “Stargate Universe”, which bombed terribly on television, but gained a lot of popularity when it was released on DVD. Unfortunately for fans, it looks like this new Stargate won’t get a chance to premiere on television shortly.

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