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John Lithgow and Sebastian Stan Also star In The Upcoming Film ‘Sharper’

Apple TV has been cranking out some amazing original content ever since its launch in November. Now it’s time for them to take a stab at the comedy thriller genre, and it looks like they’ve done a bang-up job. The upcoming film from Apple TV’s first original film, Sharper, comes with a dream cast of Academy Award winners and nominees. Directed by Benjamin Caron, who has worked on Apple TV+’s series Wallander and Tommy Cooper, the film stars Academy Award winner Julianne Moore (Still Alice, Boogie Nights). If you’re wondering what new fall TV show will give you an encore of the smash hit Big Little Lies, look no further. Sharper is a comedy thriller starring John Lithgow and Sebastian Stan who find themselves in a situation that seems too difficult to handle, but if they can get it together, they just might come out on top. While Apple is keeping most of the details under wraps, they did release a brief teaser trailer on YouTube this week. It offers a few glimpses of these actors in character.

Release Date?

Apple recently announced the release of February 17, 2023.

Who is in the cast?

  • Sebastian Stan as Max
  • Julianne Moore
  • John Lithgow
  • Justice Smith as Tom
  • Benjamin Caron 
  • Darren Goldstein as Braddock
  • Briana Middleton as Sandra
  • Samuel María Gómez as Todd
  • Lucy Taylor as Valaria
  • Lauren Yaffe as Barfly
  • Quincy Dunn-Baker as William Tyler
  • Brian Miskell 
  • Josh Drennen as Turley
  • Mark Rome as a Student
  • Giullian Yao Gioiello as Jack
  • Kerry Flanagan as Larusso
  • Tracey Ilgner as Housekeeper
  • Phillip Johnson Richardson as Tipsy
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About the production?

It was announced in March 2021 that A24 will produce the film sharper for Apple tv with Benjamin Caron, Brian Gatewood, and Alessandro Tanaka who wrote the script. In July 2021 Sebastian Stan joins the cast, and in August justice Smith and Briana Middleton are added. apple tv will distribute sharper into theatres at the start of 2023. The filming began on September 13 in New york.


what to expect from the film?

for this film I’m expecting to see an incredible vision of the world in which it takes place. I have not read the source material, but assuming my opinion still holds for a given film, I do not expect to be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and beauty of the cinematography in Sharpers. The production design is impeccable, and everything looked very polished. I was not away the directions work before seeing this film and was eager to see what he would bring to it. I have a feeling he will be, able to take the source material, as well as his own vision, and really deliver something special with his interpretation of it. I’m expecting a mixture of comedy, drama, relationships and suspense in this film.

Who is the director?

The director of this film is Benjamin Caron. This director is r new in the industry, but I feel his talent is so strong that he will be able to make something out of a plot that might not have been taken by most. 


What kind of movie?

I’m actually not 100% sure what ‘genre’ this film will fall under. It seems like it fits into the ‘thriller’ category, yes, but there are a few different elements that come together in my mind to create this genre in my opinion which I think will be great for this particular film. I think we can expect to see familiar tropes and themes combined in a combination that we’ve seen before. 

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