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“Three Pines” Is Coming Out This December On Prime Video

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is about to face a few ghosts of his own. For years, he’s been the head of homicide for the Sûreté du Québec, but now he’s looking for one more challenge. In Three Pines, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is on a much-needed and well-deserved sabbatical. But you won’t find him sitting around watching TV or playing golf – he’s got too much on his mind: a fractious family; an unsolved case from decades earlier; memories of his first love and colleague who was killed in their last case together.

Release Date: December 2, 2022

Country: Canada

Language: English


Running Time: 60 minutes per episode

Cast And Crew :

Based on: Still Life by Louise Penny

Producer: John Griffin


  • Alfred Molina as Chief Inspector Armand Gamache
  • Rossif Sutherland
  • Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
  • Tantoo Cardinal
  • Clare Coulter
  • Sarah Booth
  • Anna Tierney
  • Roberta Battaglia

What is the series about?

Based on the internationally bestselling novels by Canadian author Louise Penny, Three Pines follows Armand Gamache as he investigates cases beneath the idyllic surface of the quaint Quebec village, of Three Pines. When Chief Inspector Gamache is sent to the remote town of Three Pines to solve a bizarre murder, this esteemed investigator soon realizes that this seemingly quiet community harbors many dark and chilling secrets. Soon a violent and bitter winter storm hits Three Pines and brings with it more tragedy. And then another murder is reported. As villagers become suspects and even friends turn against each other, Gamache learns that there’s nothing more devastating than truth.

What will make the series interesting?

The show brings the mystery genre to new heights through the exquisite and very personal characterizations of life and death. In addition, we’ll see a lot of action using authentic police procedures and language. And murder mystery fans will love the plot twists and turns.

Where did it originate from?

The book “Three Pines” was published in 2007 by Canadian author Louise Penny, who was awarded two prestigious prizes for her work: the Giller Prize for Best Novel (for “Intuition”) and Quebec’s Prix du livre québécois for best first work (for “Three Pines”). The fourth book in the series is due to be published in June 2013.

Who should watch this series?

Fans of the popular crime dramas “The Killing” by Peter and “Broadchurch” by Chris Chibnall will enjoy this series, which takes a different approach. The conflicting emotions and human relationships that permeate this series provide a more subtle drama than the gory American crime series. But what makes it such an interesting piece is the combination of intellectual investigation with complex emotions. And for those who are passionate about Quebec’s nature, you’ll certainly appreciate the beautiful cinematography.


What do critics say about this upcoming series?

“The mysteries are compelling and the story is mesmerizing. Penny has woven a story that is both a whodunit and a why-dun-it. Her characters are engaging and her writing moves the story along with ease.” “I’m very excited about Three Pines, an HBO show on Prime Video. It’s based on a Louise Penny novel and looks very intriguing. My favorite thing about Louise Penny’s novels is how she describes the Quebec landscape so beautifully.

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