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The Upcoming Spy Thriller Film ‘Canary Black’ Begin Shooting with Kate Beckinsale

If you love the era of James Bond, Bourne Identity, and Mission Impossible – then you’ll love the new spy thriller, Canary Black. Canary Black is directed by Pierre Morel and stars Kate Beckinsale in her first major role since Underworld. The production company Oakhurst Entertainment is known for its spy films.  The Upcoming Spy Thriller Film ‘Canary Black’ Begins Shooting in Croatia with Kate Beckinsale. Production has also shared the first-look image from the project. As most of you know by now, Kate had been rumored to be playing the lead female role for more than two years now. However, it’s still unclear whether she will be playing a spy or the alter ego “Black” that we all know and love. Many fans are calling for Emma Stone to take on “Black” in this spy thriller film due to their uncanny resemblance with one another – in looks and demeanor, they are almost identical.

Release date:

Currently, the film is in production It is expected that the film may be released in 2023.

What is the film about?

Avery Graves (Kate Beckinsale) is a CIA operative who is tasked with gathering top-secret intelligence on a kidnapped scientist (John Malkovich). Cut off from her colleagues and betrayed at every turn, she turns to her underworld contacts to survive and help locate the coveted intelligence that the kidnappers want. Betrayed at every turn, she must rely on her cutting-edge training and primitive fighting skills in a deadly race against time. Canary Black was written by Matthew Kennedy and starred Kate Beckinsale and John Zois. Production is currently taking place in Zagreb, Croatia.

Who is the main character?

Kate Beckinsale is on a roll! The award-winning actress just wrapped up her filming for her new joint venture with renowned director, Pierre Morel (Taken, The Gunman, Taken 2). This time Kate is taking on a very different role compared to what she has been used to playing. Avery Graves is a top CIA operative who gets caught up in some dangerous and dirty dealings after she’s tasked with finding out information about top-secret research involving chemical weapons.

what to expect from the film?

We’re pumped to see Kate Beckinsale in action once more. There is no doubt that she will be able to handle the heavy-duty role of a strong CIA agent. The film is loaded with action and suspense as it takes on many things we have never seen of her before. Kate’s character Avery Graves has several layers to peel back as the story progresses. Aside from Beckinsale, there are other stars in the film including actor John Malkovich who plays Avery’s husband Ian, who is being held captive by an unknown group for nefarious purposes.

About the Director and producer:

Pierre Morel is the director of this project. He’s known for directing action films like Taken and the District 13 film. The script was written by Matthew Kennedy and Pierre Morel, who both happened to be in charge of producing this movie. John Zois is also in charge of producing with “Tulipan” Production Sarajevo Ltd., and Oakhurst Entertainment providing their expertise to make sure this project turns out well.


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