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James Gray’s ‘Armageddon Time’ Is A Semi Autobiographical Drama Film Just Got Release

Armageddon Time is the latest film from writer-director James Gray. Based on Gray’s childhood growing up in 1980s Queens, Armageddon Time tells the story of Paul Graff as he deals with the difficulties of school, new friendships that challenge him, and parents that don’t know what to do with their son. The film follows Paul (Banks Repeta) as he grows up in 1980s Queens and faces the challenges that come with adolescence. A budding young artist, Paul feels trapped in the mundane life his parents have made for him. For those looking for an engaging semi-autobiographical drama film about life in 80s Queens with a lot of coming-of-age themes and moments paired with plot twists that make you want to keep watching all through the night, this movie is for you. The film begins by focusing on Paul’s family and how he comes from a working-class family that dreams of the American Dream. 

Cast and Character?

  • Michael Banks Repeta as Paul Graff
  • Anne Hathaway as Esther Graff
  • Jeremy Strong as Irving Graff
  • Anthony Hopkins as Aaron Rabinowitz
  • Jaylin Webb as Johnny
  • Ryan Sell as Ted Graff
  • Tovah Feldshuh as Mickey Rabinowitz
  • Dane West as Topper Lowell
  • Landon James Forlenza as Chad Eastman
  • Andrew Polk as Mr. Turkeltaub
  • Richard Bekins as Headmaster Fitzroy
  • Jacob MacKinnon as Edgar Romanelli
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Police Sergeant
  • John Diehl as Fred Trump
  • Jessica Chastain as Maryanne Trump

Release Date:

On May 19, 2022, the film had its world premiere and it was released on October 28, 2022 

What is the film about?

The story and plot structure of this narrative are exceptional. A coming-of-age tale about a young boy going through his struggles with teenage. Gray’s script is gripping and interesting to watch. I was very much interested in what will be the fate of this poor kid once he reaches the prime age of a teenager. The film guides us through the life of Paul going through his parents’ tutelage as well as challenges against him which took me to a time reliving my own high school life in my teens. The film has smartly divided into two parts; one being Paul’s teenage years and another being their 20s where Paul faces challenges on their terms. Several things do happen in the film which made me think about the plot of the film.



What did I like about the film?

The core strength of the film is its script. The story and plot construction is exceptionally amazing. James knows how to handle this ordinary plot construct and make it into something completely different. The entire film is moving in a way we see the main character going through all sorts of chawhoes that are hard to deal with, but he doesn’t lose his hope. Together with a bunch of kids, he goes through life trying to find his own way while seeing a bunch of mentoring figures around him who help him not only shape him up as an artist but also guide him through the right path in themselves

Who can watch this film?

The film is pretty much for adults but it is also for teenagers and people over the age of 30. It is specially made for real-life people who are still in a stage of finding oneself in life. It might not be a very mainstream type of film but it does pack quite a punch. The movie was able to take inspiration from some real life stories and situations, which makes it relatable. Apart from that, the cinematography part of the film was good. The costumes were eye catching and appealing to look at as well as fit into the time period too.

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