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“Wonder Man” Is Coming On Disney+ In The Form Of TV Series This Year

“Wonder Man” Is Coming On Disney+ In The Form Of TV Series This Year

Simon Williams, a businessman and former British intelligence officer, is working with the United States military to create the next stage of human evolution. An explosion at his lab changes everything, turning him into Wonder Man. We’ll get to see this hero’s story as Marvel Studios continues to roll out new content for Disney+, launching on November 12th. The packed lineup includes an original series called “Marvel’s ‘Wonder Man’” which has been slated for 2019 release on the streaming service.

Who is Wonder Man According To Marvel Comics?

Wonder Man was introduced in 1968 as a villain by Stan Lee and Don Heck. He’s Simon Williams, a former British tycoon and a partner of Tony Stark at the time. When he suspects something is wrong with a reactor, he takes action to prove his theory. His concern was real as an explosion occurred that turned him into Wonder Man. He turns from businessman to super hero after that event, fighting to bring out the truth and help others in need. His story is important as it explains how Stark became Iron Man and how Iron Man became a crucial part of The Avengers team.

What will make this series interesting to watch?

The series will focus on the origin story of Simon Williams. It will also explore his journey in becoming a superhero, and how this transformation altered his perception of life. It is said to be a character-driven story that explores the incredible potential of human beings and the dark side that comes as well. This series will be Marvel Studios’ first live-action show on Disney. The streaming service is also set to release new episodes from “Marvel’s ‘Daredevil,’” “Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones,’” “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” and “Marvel’s Iron Fist.

What fans are expecting from this series?

With the series’ trailer, it is clear that this new show will focus on the heroism of Simon Williams. It will also explore the ways he learned to master his powers and how he uses those abilities to serve others. It’s an interesting concept as it shows how heroes are created and how they help people in need. As a superhero drama, it’s an intriguing concept because we get to see how someone goes through the transformation into a superhero, whether they become a villain or hero. With Wonder Man being among the first batch of content on Disney+ coming out next month, we can expect plenty of twists and turns as Wonder Man battles against villains in Marvel Comics lore.


Has Wonder Man appeared in any of the MCU films before?

No, he is not shown in any of the Marvel movies till now even this series will be his first debut in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Though he is a very important part of the Marvel Comics universe where he has been the antagonist, still most of his stories are interconnected with the other characters. Wonder Man has also explored his own character in a comic book which focuses on him as more than just a superhero, a human being and how he struggles to keep being human. The themes of heroism and redemption are also explored in that comic book which is very interesting to read as it shows his struggle to understand who and what he is after being transformed into another hero. Wonder Man goes through blind faith at first, refusing to see that humanity still remains in him despite all the powers given to him.

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