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“The Boy in the Woods” Is The Biographical Drama Starring Jett Klyne

The first look for “The Boy in the Woods” has been released, and it looks like the biographical drama is going to be quite a film. The film stars Jett Klyne as a young Jewish boy taken by Nazis, but he manages to survive by hiding in the woods. Directed by Rebecca Snow from a screenplay written by Maxwell Smart, “The Boy In The Woods” will be in production soon.

Cast And Crew :

Directed by: Rebecca Snow

Writing Credits: Maxwell Smart and Rebecca Snow

Produced by: 

  • Andrew Bronfman
  • Jonathan Bronfman
  • Robert Budreau
  • Maxwell Smart

Cast :

  • Christopher Heyerdahl is shown as Chief Bagan
  • Jett Klyne is shown as Max
  • Berkley Silverman is shown as Rosa
  • David Kohlsmith is shown as Yanek
  • Joshua Peace is shown as Police Sergeant
  • Tara Nicodemo is shown as Aunt Erna
  • Masa Lizdek is shown as Kasia
  • Katherine Fogler is shown as Faigie
  • Richard Patrick Tolton II is shown as Hunter
  • Shuna Snow is shown as Regina

What will be the movie based upon?

Given the title and trailer description, this seems to be a film about how Max Smart survived being taken by Nazis as a child and living in the woods of Eastern Europe in World War II. That’s what the first picture seems to suggest at least. Klyne stars in the film, which is set for release sometime in 2023.

What will make this movie interesting?

The story of Max Smart is a compelling one. The young actor may also be looking to give an award-worthy performance in this film, something I’m interested to see what he can do with it if he was given the chance. The fact that this film will be out in 10 years will also allow him to develop as an actor, which could make it interesting to see where he takes his role.

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Why should you look forward to it?

Max Smart’s story shouldn’t be forgotten and it will only get more interest once production for this film is underway. I hope that we’ll see more information about the movie as it comes into motion. 

What do you think of this movie?

The first picture for “The Boy In The Woods” is a great first look at the film’s upcoming premise and it looks like it’ll be worth paying attention to when it comes out in 2023. The reviews will then give us a better idea of what the film is likely to be like. It looks like “The Boy In The Woods” will follow a similar story to others – a young boy growing up in wartime, but surviving by staying hidden or running away. Given that Jett Klyne has starred in other movies where he’s played a young boy, it looks like he could be doing something interesting in this film. 

Would you like to see this movie?

I am interested in seeing how this movie turns out and how it affects the overall story of Max Smart’s time as a child living in Nazi-occupied Europe. I am very impressed with this first look at “The Boy In The Woods”, and I hope that Jett Klyne does as well when he is given the chance to act as Max Smart. I think that his performance would make for a good film. 


Are you ready for this movie?

Given that it’s being filmed in time, and set for release ten years from now, I believe that “The Boy In The Woods” will be worth watching once it’s out. 

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