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“Soft and Quiet” Movie Review, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know Is Here

“Soft and Quiet” Movie Review, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know Is Here

The film is about an elementary school teacher who had just organized for other like-minded friends to get together for drinks and dinner with her at her home when there was an unexpected knock at the door. She had just set up the place for other women to gather to connect, to support each other on the challenges that life can bring.

Release Date: November 4, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


Running Time: 57- 72 minutes per episode

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Cast And Crew :

Directed by: Beth de Araújo

Written by: Beth de Araújo


Produced by:

  • Josh Peters
  • Saba Zerehi
  • Joshua Beirne-Golden
  • Beth de Araújo


  • Stefanie Estes as Emily
  • Olivia Luccardi as Leslie
  • Eleanore Pienta as Marjorie
  • Dana Millican as Kim
  • Melissa Paulo as Anne
  • Jon Beavers as Craig
  • Cissy Ly as Lily
  • Nina E. Jordan as Nora
  • Rebekah Wiggins as Alice
  • Jayden Leavitt as Brian
  • Jovita Molina as Maria
  • Shannon Mahoney as Jessica

What is the movie based upon?

After the door knocked, the teacher went to open it. She was startled to see a woman from her past. She had tried to forget about her and what she had done all those years ago. When she tried living a normal life, all of that was forgotten when the woman forcibly entered through the door, which led the teacher to call 911 and reported it as a home invasion. It turned out that they both had an ulterior motive behind this meet-up.

What will make this movie interesting to watch?

The movie is an interesting choice for many reasons. It plays out in real-time, similar to a thriller action movie. The event took place one afternoon when the group of women tried to live their lives the way they want and need to be. However, one unexpected thing led them all to unravel whatever it takes to move on from it together.

What do critics say about this film?

It is the kind of movie that will make you think twice about the way you and your friends are in touch with each other. You cannot explain what will happen to befall any of them, as it all comes down to how their lives unfold. Critics have noted that “The only person who can save her from herself, from her past and present, is herself”.

What are fans expecting from this upcoming movie?

If you are a fan of thrillers, you will not be disappointed with what this movie has in store for the audience. It will show the kind of things that can happen to make someone rethink the way that they are living their lives. Sometimes, it takes one good push from outside forces to make someone realize what is missing from them and what more they require for it.


Who should watch this film?

You should not shy away if you are someone who loves thrillers. It is perhaps a good movie to watch when you cannot sleep at night, or when you just want to escape from whatever it is that is going on with your life right now. The film will make you think about how different and complex your relationships need to be for the people who are close to you to move on with their lives.

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