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“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” Talks About UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

This article will go through a basic summary of the episode and talk about what it may mean for the UK. It also covers what other events have happened recently in British Politics to cause people to talk about this story. Sunak has never been stood down through the Conservative Party’s disciplinary procedures because of his recent affiliation with UKIP. However, Sunak has received much public criticism for his past association with the party. Sunak also ran against MP George Osborne in 2005 in the Conservative Party leadership race. The Guardian noted that Sunak was “at risk of being wiped off the political map.

Release Date: April 27, 2014

Country: United States

Language: English


Running Time: 30 – 45 minutes per episode

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

Cast And Crew :

Created by: John Oliver

Directed by:

  • Joe Perota
  • Christopher Werner
  • Jim Hoskinson
  • Paul Pennolino
  • Bruce Leddy

Presented by: John Oliver

Narrated by: David Kaye

What is the show based upon?

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” (abbreviated as “LWT”) is a satirical news political program aired on the British television channel HBO. “Last Week Tonight” debuted in April 2014 and has now reached over 200 episodes in its lifetime. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” (abbreviated as “LW\T”) is an American news satire show based on the UK edition of the same name. It started with Oliver discussing Donald Trump and his many controversial statements. He said that he wanted to give Trump a chance after it turned out that he had been more moderate than some thought.

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What makes this show interesting to watch?

The show is based on topical news events and important issues in the world. They discuss very serious topics such as nuclear proliferation, deforestation, and voting rights. However, they do not fail to make fun of current events and the people that finally put them into place. Oliver makes jokes about political leaders, their policies, and the ideologies they represent. He is a master at using facts to back up his comedic claims and can be quite witty at times. The first episode of LWT has been viewed over 66 million times on YouTube (as of February 2018). In addition, this episode was chosen as one of the top 100 best comedy skits ever by Time Magazine in 2015.

Is the show informative?

The show is very informative and it provides people with a lot of information that they might not have come across before. It portrays leaders in a different light and helps the public understand how the world works from a different perspective. The show is also very educational as it explains common political terms and ideologies. It also educates young people about the world by making them think about the issues that may be around them and how they can change those things. Overall, LWT is a great tool for informing an entire generation of people about the world. The show gained a lot of attention in December 2017 after Trump tweeted about John Oliver. Trump was referring to a ‘run-in’ he had with Oliver on his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight”. Oliver had critiqued Trump’s bid for presidency and activities before being elected as president.


What is unique about this show?

The show often uses guest stars to help illustrate his point and help him explain things better to his audience. For example, in a recent episode, he had wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson discuss the effects of climate change. Oliver also makes references to popular culture to help illustrate his point of view and help his audience relate to what he says.

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