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“Something in the Dirt” Is A Sci-fi Horror Film Coming Out This Month

When John and Levi witness supernatural events in their Los Angeles apartment building, they realize documenting the phenomena on camera could inject some fame and fortune into their wasted lives. An ever-deeper, darker rabbit hole, the small-time celebrities risk their friendships as they uncover the dangers of the phenomena, each other, and LA itself. What starts as a hobby spirals into a murderous nightmare for these two millennial friends. “Something In The Dirt” is an indie horror film that offers a fresh new take on ‘found footage’ techniques from director Adam Mowery.

Release Date: January 23, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


Running Time: 116 minutes 

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Cast And Crew :

Directed by: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

Written by: Justin Benson


Produced by:

  • David Lawson Jr.
  • Aaron Moorhead
  • Justin Benson


  • Aaron Moorhead is shown as John Daniels
  • Justin Benson is shown as Levi Danube
  • Sarah Adina Smith is shown as Dr. Rita Miller
  • Wanjiru M. Njendu is shown as Levi’s Parole Officer 
  • Issa Lopez is shown as Isabel
  • Vinny Curran is shown as Dr. Vincent Daniels
  • Jeremy Harlin is shown as Jeremy Rose
  • Gille Klabin is shown as Boaz Kaminski
  • C. Robert Cargill is shown as Radio Host
  • Liam Gavin is shown as Frater Perdurabo
  • Ariel Vida is shown as John’s Teacher
  • Megan Rosati is shown as Crystal Danube

What is the movie based upon?

“Something In The Dirt” is based in a sense upon the popular ‘lost tapes.’ Within the genre, there are many sub-genres. The ‘found footage’ film lends itself to many genres as a basis. From over-the-top horror to mystery, and comedy. “Something In The Dirt” is not necessarily associated with any of them. It’s a new take on the format that throws out traditional lines to find something unique that may be its sub-genre in time.

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What horror fans are expecting from this movie?

Based on the trailer and marketing, it’s difficult to say. Many movies play with the idea of ‘found footage.’ The challenge with this genre is to find a new take or angle to make it different from everything else. Hollywood spends millions on the production and marketing of these types of films, but there are so many similar titles that they all get lost in the mix and fans almost reject them before even viewing them. “Something In The Dirt” may at first glance look all too familiar, but upon closer inspection will have a fresh new take on the found footage genre.

What will make this movie interesting?

“Something In The Dirt’s” plot is complex and layered. It’s not going to be a film with an easy-to-digest plot. There are many layers to the characters and the story, which is refreshing for this genre. Many films present some original idea or plot twist, but it doesn’t always work out. “Something In The Dirt” uses this technique throughout the film, so viewers will be piecing things together alongside our main characters.

What makes this movie different from other movies like it?

There are so many movies that branch out from the ‘found footage genre. They usually take the form of a group of tourists on vacation in some exotic location, and their camera malfunctions, or they get lost, or the batteries go dead – whatever. Hollywood knows that this is one of the most popular sub-genres and they want to churn them out as fast as possible. What makes “Something In The Dirt” interesting is how it plays with this formula. Our cast isn’t your typical group of horror tourists. It has real characters who are going through real issues and making poor decisions based on poor choices they’ve made in the past.

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