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“Lift Me Up” New Song Out By Rihanna For “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

“Lift Me Up” New Song Out By Rihanna For “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

Rihanna’s “Lift Me Up” is the latest song released for Marvel’s Black Panther movie. The lyrics in the song work in tandem with the film’s storyline, which revolves around T’Challa and his country Wakanda. The message of “Lift Me Up” is to always stay positive and keep your head up no matter what life throws at you. Rihanna wants listeners to know that all things are possible with faith, love, hard work, trust, and hope.

The song is a featured song from the soundtrack accompanied by a viral video. The video was rumored to be early footage of T’Challa in Wakanda, and when played back, the video shows Rihanna’s car stuck in the mud on top of a hill while she sings into her phone. This was first heard as an unreleased track and resurfaced as an early teaser. The video then ended with her watching herself get stuck in the mud. Social media quickly spread it throughout Twitter and Facebook.

How Rihanna showed her presence in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”?

The song’s lyrics are meant to be a call to Wakanda’s citizens, but it’s also likely a call for superheroes of all kinds. Rihanna says in the song that “when you’re going through hell, keep your head up.” It seems likely that the song was made before the footage was released as it works to promote the movie. This is a continuation of Rihanna’s work with Marvel Studios since she debuted in Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011 and showed up again in 2012’s “Thor” and “Iron Man 3”.

What fans are thinking about this song?

The song has a positive message, and it’s very catchy, although the pitch is a bit off from most of Rihanna’s music. The lyrics are positive and encouraging and send a message that everyone can fight for what they believe in. On Twitter, several fans are singing along to the song. “Rihanna is back,” wrote one fan, while another said, “I’ve been a DC fan since I was a kid but I’m looking forward to this movie.” Additionally, the reviews were positive with many connecting to the storyline and the inspirational message. The message of the song is great for younger audiences and has given fans something new from Rihanna to listen to.


What do critics say about this?

The critics were mixed on the song, but mostly praising. Many websites had muted praises for the song, but many also showed their support as well. The reviews were all over the board, but most seem to agree that they liked it. Reviewers praised her vocals, the message of the song, and how well it worked with the movie. “She can sing,” wrote one reviewer, while another said that she “isn’t afraid to put her twist on things and make them her own.”

How much will this song affect Marvel’s audience about the movie?

The song is very positive and uplifting, which is exactly the vibe Marvel tries to present in their movies. The song will likely make fans even more excited about the movie and leave them ready to watch it when it opens. It will work well with the plot of the film and hopefully encourage fans to see this movie in theatres. The song is receiving positive responses from fans, which could help spread the word about it.

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