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‘The Creature Cases: Season 2’ Everything That We Know So Far

A new show called ‘The Creature Cases’ has been dropped on March 29th, 2022, and will be released in April of this year. The trailer is incredibly intense but much of the plot is unknown since it’s only been aired once so far. However, from the single episode that has already been released of this action-adventure television series created by Gabe Pulliam, it seems to have a sad story behind it with some suspenseful scenes. Creature Cases revolves around two animal detectives who work at an agency that investigates creature cases. The show’s story focuses on both of them as they struggle to solve the creature cases. The first episode of ‘The Creature Cases’ was released on Netflix on April 12, 2022, and was viewed by many kids around the world.

Who is in the voice cast in season one?

  • Kerry Shale 
  • Joseph Balderrama as Pink Fairy Armadillo
  • Teresa Gallagher as Major Scratch
  • Rob Rackstraw as R.O.N.
  • Nneka Okoye as Kit Casey
  • Jules de Jongh 
  • Harriet Carmichael as Jill 
  • Marcel McCalla 
  • Shash Hira as Sam Snow
  • Alex Woodhall as Darren Foreman
  • Beardyman as Bill
  • Emma Tate
  • Joanna Ruiz

Release date

The Creature Cases premiered on Netflix worldwide on April 12, 2022.

What is the series about?

The Creature Cases revolves around two animal detectives who work at an agency that investigates creature cases. The Creatures Agency is a big, shady organization that is known for doing ‘big’ things. However, a sad story behind it reveals the dark secrets underneath. Each episode takes place in a new location and the creatures are usually of different shapes and sizes. Because of this, it creates an interesting look for the series. On Netflix, the first episode was viewed by many kids around the world.

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What did we see in the trailer?

The trailers gave off a mysterious vibe, which is one reason why it was picked up so quickly by Netflix. The trailer used a lot of intense scenes to follow such as graphic blood, dead characters, and graphic gunshot wounds. It also showed that this show would be filled with action and suspense. In addition to this, the creature cases seem like they will have an actual story behind them, unlike some other shows that seem pointless and just want to entertain the viewing audience.

Will there be a second season?

Being an action-adventure television series, there is little chance of a second season. If a second season is made, it will probably be live-action and include a different cast of characters. At the moment, there is still no release date for a second season, however, when it comes out, there is a very high chance that it will be received well. The Creature Cases was picked up by Netflix within 24 hours of its trailer being released so there is no doubt that it will have a big crowd of people watching.


Who can watch this series?

The Creature Cases is intended for kids ages 10 and up. The series will be filled with suspense and action, which might attract adults to watch it, however, they will most likely only stick to the action. The Creature Cases is a Netflix original series, so it is intended for Netflix members only.

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