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Monica, O My Darling Releases Its Trailer, Everything We Know Is Here

Monica, O My Darling Releases Its Trailer, Everything We Know Is Here

The trailer for Monica, O My Darling is finally here! It’s a story about a man named Jayant who tries to make it big with some unlikely allies and a dastardly diabolical plan to pull off the perfect murderer! This is an exclusive look at some of the characters in the film and what we might expect from them. With this new trailer also comes an answer to one of the biggest mysteries: Why? Watch it and find out in just under 4 minutes what’s driving this murderous young man.

Release Date: November 11, 2022

Country: India

Language: Hindi


Cast And Crew :

Directed by: Vasan Bala

Written by: Yogesh Chandekar

Produced by:

  • Sarita Patil
  • Sanjay Routray
  • Dikssha Jyote Routray
  • Vishal Bajaj


  • Rajkummar Rao as Jayant Arkhedkar
  • Huma Qureshi as Monica Machado
  • Radhika Apte as ACP Naidu
  • Sikandar Kher
  • Akansha Ranjan Kapoor
  • Bagavathi Perumal
  • Sukant Goel
  • Zayn Marie Khan

What is the movie about?

Monica, O My Darling is a story about Jayant who is in love with his childhood friend Monica and this love ends up destroying everything he holds dear. To get revenge he gets together with some unlikely allies, which eventually leads him to a deadly diabolical plan to pull off the perfect murder. The name of the film “Monica, O My Darling” is inspired by the hit song from the movie “Caravan”, which was sung by R.D.Burman and Asha Bhosale.

What will make this movie interesting?

First of all, a very talented group of people came together and worked hard for this movie. The cast is a happy mix of indie film favourites, people who started in theatre, and some newcomers who get their chance to shine. The story itself comes from the mind of Jayant Shah whose career has been mainly in the corporate world and who is already busy with his life.


Who should watch this movie?

This movie is for someone who enjoys coming-of-age stories, something a bit dark and twisted, stories with a mix of emotion, comedy, and action. This is a rare opportunity for anyone who likes films to support them. We have seen a lot of films with great stories but not so much with good production value and people behind them.

What fans are expecting from this movie?

A good story, an amazing soundtrack, and some good action. We are excited about the soundtrack and we think it looks great. There will be a screening of this movie. This will be followed by an after-party which is open to everyone and is part of our efforts to support independent films from around the world. We were so inspired by the success of other Indian indie films like Omerta, we decided to do this for all Indian films henceforth.

What do we have to say about this?

This movie is an intense love story that shows the darker side of the human being when one loses their mind over something. It might not be to everyone’s taste but makes for an interesting watch with a good dose of action thrown in for good measure.

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