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‘Good Burger 2’ Scripts Are Ready For The Sequel Of The 90s Film

‘Good Burger 2’ Scripts Are Ready For The Sequel Of The 90s Film

The Good Burger sequel is finally happening, there’s no denying it. After nearly 25 years, Kenan Thompson claims that the script is ready and it’s much closer than you think. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Thompson shocked everyone by saying that the script was ready for the sequel of the Good Burger and it is much closer than anyone could have imagined. The iconic ’90s comedy came out in 1997, starring Kel Mitchell as Ed and Kenan Thompson as Lionel. The comedic duo was two fast food workers who fight to save a small local burger restaurant from being taken over by its corporate chain competitor. Good Burger became a box office hit and spawned a TV spin-off of the same name. The show ran for four years, ending in 2000. Since then, Mitchell and Thompson have appeared on numerous entertainment shows. 

Things To Know About Good Burger 2:


It’s been 25 years since the premiere of Good Burger and Kel Mitchell has become a household name thanks to his roles on series like American Dad, Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse, and The Cleveland Show. However, the 1999 movie is still one of the most successful films in the history of Nickelodeon. At the time it was made, Good Burger had the potential to become another My Family or House Party, but it ultimately fell into obscurity. Kenan and Kel have been teasing fans for years that a sequel would happen and now this seems to be the case. With Kel Mitchell now starring in Hollywood movies like All That and Two heads are better, it appears that he’s willing to return to his comedy roots as Ed Big Daddy. Before the script is finished, it will need to be approved by Nickelodeon and then get greenlighted by Paramount before going into production. 

About the film Good Burger:



Good Burger, starring a young Kenan Thompson before he became famous and Kel Mitchell before he became famous, and some other people that nobody cares about, is one of the most iconic 90s films ever made. Shot just over two decades ago in 1996, this film tells the story of a teenage boy named Dexter Reed who becomes the assistant manager at Good Burger during his summer break while earning money to buy his girlfriend a birthday present. Hearing that a new burger joint called Mondo Burger will be opening across the street and sure to put them out of business, Dexter decides to do everything in his power to stop it from opening. From the very first scene, Good Burger gives off a very 90s vibe

What can fans expect from Good Burger 2?


After nearly a decade, the sequel is set to begin filming soon. Thompson and Mitchell are in high demand and they have other projects they need to get done first. The original Good Burger movie was successful and a TV series followed shortly after it was released. However, neither can match the quality of today’s television shows. Even though the film received positive reviews from critics upon its release, fans were disappointed by the quality. The original cast will return in Good Burger 2 including Kel Mitchell as Ed Big Daddy and Kenan Thompson as Lionel Jefferson.

Release date?

No announcement has been made regarding the release date even though there is no confirmed date to begin production.


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