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Everything That You Want To Know About The Film ‘Terminator’

Everything That You Want To Know About The Film ‘Terminator’

The Terminator is one of the most popular science fiction films from the ’80s, spawning four sequels and two TV series. In 1984, James Cameron released his visionary sci-fi action thriller The Terminator. It’s a film that captured imaginations and kickstarted Hollywood’s obsession with stiffening its collective spine against nuclear annihilation. The Terminator is a masterpiece that still resonates with audiences four decades later. Because it was ahead of its time in many regards, fictionally speaking. The movie isn’t a simple action adventure, it’s an epic. It spans decades in time and, in a way, gives us a glimpse at the future. The concept is too big to be contained by just two hours of motion picture story-telling. It’s evident from the very beginning when Sarah Connor is warned by Kyle Reese that “the future’s not set” because of her. 

Who is in the Cast?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger shown as the Terminator
  • Michael Biehn shown as Kyle Reese
  • Linda Hamilton shown as Sarah Connor
  • Paul Winfield shown as Ed Traxler
  • Lance Henriksen shown as Vukovich
  • Bess Motta shown as Ginger
  • Rick Rossovich shown as Matt
  • Earl Boen shown as Dr. Silberman

Release date

The film ‘Terminator’ was released on October 26, 1984 in 1005 theatres.

What is the film about?

The movie revolves around the cyborg assassin, the Terminator. Its mission: kill Sarah Connor, a woman whose unborn son will lead humanity to victory over Skynet, an artificial intelligence system that has attempted to wipe out them all… again. Also on his hit list is Kyle Reese (Edward Furlong), a time-displaced soldier sent from 1984 to protect her. When not hunting down Sarah or Kyle, he’s busy fending off Skynet’s attacks in the ‘80s. On the surface, The Terminator is an action thriller, but underneath it’s a long-form science fiction story. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the title character, a man without emotions and feelings who is programmed to kill. He’s designed for only one thing: perfection and survival. He is part machine and part man with no moral codes and no inherent sense of humanity. He has no thoughts or desires of his own.

What are the audience reviews?

The theatrical release was a critical and financial success, grossing more than $78 million.  Audiences reacted to the movie by going out and seeing it again right away;  The popularity of The Terminator is part of the reason why Hollywood has increasingly turned to science fiction to cash in on viewers’ lifespan dissatisfaction. All these years later, there are still two camps in the The Terminator fandom: those who think that James Cameron is the greatest director of our time and those who think he’s a sellout. The film holds a 95% “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 68 reviews with an average rating of 8.8/10.

Who is the director of the film?

James Cameron is a filmmaker who has made many popular films. He was the director of the well-known sci-fi flick, Aliens and he’s also well-known for such other movies as The Abyss, The Terminator and Titanic. Cameron was nominated for an Academy Award for Titanic, but lost to Michael Apted’s Grey Owl.


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