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‘Coraline’ Henry Selick’s Masterpiece Animated Drama Film

Animated drama film by director Henry Selick that was released in 2009. The novella Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, was published in 2002 and has since become a classic. This made it the perfect source material for a Henry Selick film. With intriguing and shadowy characters from dark backgrounds, this dark story of love triumphing over evil is surrounded with different colors with retro-style animation to create one of the most unique and beautiful films ever created. Coraline Jones loves her parents and her life in their home in the suburbs. Her days consist of school and playing with her parents’ neighbors, Mr. Bobinsky (the cat) and Wybie Lovat (her friend). But when Coraline’s parents go on a trip to find themselves, she is left behind with Wybie and bored with nothing to do. One night she hears an eerie voice from behind a mysterious door that leads into the dark world of The Other Place. When a key makes its way into Coraline’s possession, she unlocks the door and leaves behind reality for the unknown. There are no more school books, no more boredom, but also no more parents.

Voice Cast:

  • Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones
  • Teri Hatcher as Melanie 
  • Jennifer Saunders as April Spink 
  • Dawn French as Miriam Forcible 
  • John Hodgman as Charlie Jones 
  • John Linnell provides Father’s singing voice
  • Robert Bailey Jr. as Wyborne 
  • Keith David as The Cat
  • Ian McShane as Sergei Alexander
  • Carolyn Crawford as Mrs. Lovat

Releasing date?


The Film ‘Caroline’ had its world premiere on February 5, 2009, and the film was released on February 6, 2009, in the United States.

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What is the film about?

It was released in 2009 and has a run time of 100 minutes. The film is about a young girl who must come to terms with her home life, her parents’ departure, and learning that being suspicious of characters against all odds can get you into trouble. She must find who she is and get home. The film takes place in a world that is very similar to our own, but the characters have an eerie appearance. There are no humans, just the child and some strange creatures with greasy hair and oily faces. They are all telling her that what she sees here is nothing more than her imagination. The film is full of dark corridors and dark paths, where Coraline meets strange characters with heavy accents who seem to know a lot about her, but they will not explain any of their information.

Who can watch this film?

This film is great for nearly all ages, but only those who are 13 or older should watch the movie. This is because there are scenes of violence and some scary images. Also, because this film is a cartoon and therefore has no real actors, it is not suitable for younger children to watch. However, if any child younger than that happens to see this movie, they will be scared by the images of these creatures and thus may be scarred for life after seeing this frightening animated film.


Why should you see this film?

If you are interested in watching a fun, scary, suspenseful movie that is visually outstanding, then this is the perfect film for you. This film is especially great for mature teens who like to think about the deeper meaning of things and enjoy animated films that are not suitable for younger kids. Coraline offers much more than just a good scare; it addresses themes such as love and family in a way that is thought-provoking and classic.

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