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‘The Last of Us’ The Upcoming Series By HBO

‘The Last of Us’ The Upcoming Series By HBO

The team over at HBO MAX released a new promo reel of shows coming soon to the network, including one of the most interesting releases yet. The Last Of Us is set to be a new series that follows Joel and Ellie as they struggle through life after the zombie apocalypse. This is going to be an intriguing TV show that covers many different aspects in depth, from romantic relationships and moral issues, bringing us closer to understanding how this brutal situation could have been created in the first place. The Last Of Us is going to be a series that lives up to the games, putting us in the shoes of the main protagonists Ellie and Joel. We will be joining them as they journey throughout this new world, fighting for survival and justice. This is an exciting time for The Last Of Us series as we have been seeing more news about it being released over the last few weeks; however, it is still unclear how soon we will get to see this series release.


  • Pedro Pascal will be as Joel
  • Bella Ramsey will be as Ellie
  • Gabriel Luna will be as Tommy
  • Merle Dandridge will be as Marlene
  • Anna Torv will be as Tess
  • Nico Parker will be as Sarah
  • Nick Offerman will be as Bill

Release Date

No confirmed Release date has been announced yet but it is expected that the TV series, which is an adapted from video game will air in 2023.

What we saw in the teaser? 

The teaser shows Joel and Ellie going through some pretty intense situations. It also shows a pretty interesting dynamic between the two characters including them arguing and fighting for each other’s lives. The video is just a short teaser, it doesn’t tell us anything about the plot or how the story will develop. If you are a fan of The Last of Us, then this news will excite you and get you waiting for more information about the series. We can see the video is full of action and lots of drama; it’s definitely a series that will keep you on the edge of your seats. If you are looking for a new TV show to watch then The Last Of Us looks pretty interesting, we can tell. It is hard to tell what kind of a story it is going to be about but do look forward to this series coming soon as we have been waiting forever for it.

What to expect from this series?

What to expect from this new series? Well, we would imagine that the series will pick up where the video game left off, with Joel and Ellie having escaped from society to live in a world full of cannibals and monsters. From the trailer, it looks like there is plenty of action to be expected and some really intense moments throughout. We can’t wait for that to hit our screens and we are sure that there are plenty of people like us who have been waiting for this video game adaptation to come out. The Last Of Us did extremely well in the video game genre so it makes sense why they have decided to adapt it into a TV show.

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