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Documentary Now! Season 4 Details, Series Review

Documentary Now! has satirized the current obsession with documentaries, as well as the nostalgia for documentaries in film history. Season four returns to these themes in six different episodes that each take their stylistic approach to documentary filmmaking. In each episode of season four, directors use different documentary styles to tell a story and explore a subject at its heart. We’re often told that Documentary Now! is one of our funniest cultural institutions — even though it parodies the same types of institutions it points out flaws within. For those who need catching up, Documentary Now! is a show that first arrived on screen in 2015 as a sketch show — though most of the sketches were based on existing projects. It was created by Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, with Rhys Thomas serving as the director. The idea was to reference some of the most famous documentaries ever made while also creating fictionalized documentaries to explore a subject at its heart. The first season featured different episodes: “Dronez,” an artsy take on war; “Globesman,” about investigative journalism; and “Parker Gail’s Location Is Everything,” about seeking treasure at all costs and others.

Premier On: October 19, 2022 

Country: United States

Language: English


Original Network: IFC

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Cast And Crew :

Created by:

  • Fred Armisen
  • Bill Hader
  • Seth Meyers
  • Rhys Thomas

Directed by: Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono


  • Helen Mirren is shown as Self – A host
  • Fred Armisen is shown as Enzo Entolini 
  • Bill Hader is shown as Clark Honus
  • Deb Hiett is shown as Marge Middleton 
  • Gary Kraus is shown as Larry Cooper 
  • Van Epperson is shown as Roger Smoot 
  • Maureen Andronis is shown as Clarinet Player 
  • James Scorzelli is shown as Sound Engineer 
  • Paula Pell is shown as Patti Skrowaczeski 
  • Jon Spurney is shown as John Spurney 
  • Cate Blanchett is shown as Izabella Barta 
  • Rachael Perrell Fosket is shown as Female Cult Member
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What is the series about?

Like season one, each episode of Documentary Now! season four features a different documentary style. The story of each episode is based upon a fictionalized version of this documentary style and what the crew (and audience) learns along the way. In season four, each episode also takes on a unique style. They’re very different from the first three seasons, with season three focusing on a single theme. But, what makes a Documentary Now? So successful season after season that viewers are still getting to know these characters and their journey over time.

What makes this series interesting?

Each episode is a new take on documentary filmmaking and a satirical look at the documentary as a genre. Except for one episode, each one of season four’s episodes parodies an existing documentary style. It is that formula that has made the series so successful over the past three seasons. Season Four also marks the first season to be released exclusively on Hulu. It will also be the only season to feature a Season 5, which can only be assumed to continue on this same path in terms of style and content.

What fans are expecting from season 4?

Fans are expecting a series that tells an entertaining story while at the same time poking fun at the documentary genre and how the perception of the medium influence it. Each episode of season four tells its story via a visual style be it a feature film, TV show, or YouTube video. Each one is based on documentary footage that is then adapted into a fictionalized version that takes on an absurdist tone. As such, each episode becomes a satirical take on the art form of documentary filmmaking. Each also takes place in one location instead of having multiple different locations, season four is limited to one setting and one character in each episode.

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