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Magpie Murders Is The Britbox Original Drama Mystery

Magpie Murders is the new generation of British mystery storytelling. Clever and hugely entertaining, each chapter reveals a clue and some have said it’s one to watch out for. We are not just talking about a whodunit. In Susan Ryeland, we have a strong female protagonist with a plan of her own to uncover the secrets Alan Conway was trying to hide in his manuscript and find the real murderer. And she is not going to let anyone stop her on this mission. What comes as a surprise, however, is that this contemporary murder mystery has its roots in the classic Agatha Christie novels of the 1930s, or to be precise, in The Magpie Murders. 

Release Date: February 10, 2022

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English


IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Full Cast :

  • Conleth Hill is shown as Alan Conway
  • Lesley Manville is shown as Susan Ryeland
  • Tim McMullan is shown as Atticus Pünd
  • Ian Lloyd Anderson is shown as Brent 
  • Karen Westwood is shown as Mary Blakiston
  • Matthew Beard is shown as Fraser 
  • Jude Hillis is shown as Young Sam
  • Alexandros Logothetis is shown as Andreas Patakis
  • Harry Lawtey is shown as Robert Blakiston
  • Pippa Haywood is shown as Claire Jenkins
  • Michael Maloney is shown as Charles Clover
  • Daniel Mays is shown as Chubb
  • Claire Rushbrook is shown as Katie Williams

A murder, who can it be?

Susan Ryeland won’t stop until she knows. And when she does find this dastardly murderer, it will set her on a path that will almost cost her everything because of the power to which she has succumbed the ability to make all her dreams come true and to achieve, at the same time, great fame and fortune and a promising future as an author. But with ambition comes arrogance, so when Susan’s first book bombs in England, she decides to go ahead without checking whether its hard work pays off or not.

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What is the series about?

It all starts with a book that has not been finished. But we are talking about an unpublished masterpiece of a great British author, Alan Conway. And, before dying under tragic circumstances, he had tried to entrust it to his best friend’s daughter Susan Ryeland. The girl is no stranger to the book world or the publishing industry or the fact that if done right this unfinished manuscript could open up doors for her and possibly a career in writing if she can finish what Alan started. 

What makes this series interesting?

A story that starts as a classic whodunit, becomes a cat-and-mouse game between Susan Ryeland, an ambitious publishing editor of the first water, and an old acquaintance of Alan Conway’s, an embittered ex-cop turned PI. The detective is convinced that this book could help him clear his good name and provide some much-needed income to pay off his gambling debts. The protagonist is not just a damsel in distress although she may find herself in one or two dangerous situations. 

Why should you watch this series?

The series is a mystery to watch. And, even if you are not a fan of mystery thrillers, you should try it. The writer invites everyone to enter the world of the series and start watching—not just those who love classic British mystery books and modern-day detective stories like Agatha Christie or PD James. 

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