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Happy Valley Season 3 Releases Some Critical Images

The official series production has released some images regarding the final season. This critical image, which features several different scenes from the program, shows once again the changes in Catherine Cawood’s life will be coming at a rapid pace as we eagerly await its launch later this month. Despite her attempts to keep her own counsel and stay out of trouble – a task that seems difficult as she continues to take on new cases – Catherine is by no means an impartial observer when it comes to solving crimes. With some notable exceptions such as the recent case of Deegan, who became entangled with an online sex-slavery ring, any situation involving members of society is possible during this third series.


While the show has received a lot of attention for its interesting storylines, arguably some of its best work has been in its background shots: a symbolically rich and complicated backdrop that provides an important context to the narrative. The show’s set designers have offered plenty of breathtaking shots that provide an impressive insight into Baltimore’s urban landscape as well as secondary locations, such as neighboring cities, states, and countries.

Premiere on AMC: October 13, 2022


Country: United States

Language: English

Running Time: 60 minutes 

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Cast And Crew :

  • Sarah Lancashire as Sgt Catherine Cawood
  • Siobhan Finneran as Clare Cartwright
  • Charlie Murphy as Ann Gallagher
  • James Norton as Tommy Lee Royce
  • George Costigan as Nevison Gallagher

What is the series about?

This Yorkshire-based crime drama by acclaimed screenwriter and playwright Sally Wainwright tells the story of Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood, a highly experienced officer who has spent most of her career in sexual offense investigation. Catherine is promoted to detective inspector but then transferred to Happy Valley’s police department, which is changing the arrival of the new boss. The storyline takes place in West Yorkshire – more precisely in the Dewsbury area where a squad deals with serious crimes such as murders and kidnapping.

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Why should you watch this series?

The very popular crime drama has been praised for its original use of language, which is both lyrical and gritty. The storyline is solid and every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Catherine may not be the prototypical lead character in a crime drama – she’s in her early fifties and was a wife before she was a widow – but her more complex backstory makes her an interesting character. Her life experiences, including the loss of her daughter, have taught Catherine to be tough, strong, and relentless when it comes to catching criminals.


What fans are expecting from the upcoming season?

Fans are eagerly waiting to see how Catherine’s personal life will further develop. After losing her husband in the previous season, the former scene crime officer appears to be moving on with James, a young policeman with whom she has been spending time. Some fans have also expressed their desire to explore more of Catherine’s backstory, particularly her childhood and her past relationship with her late husband.

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