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2001: The Space Odyssey Is A Remake Of 1968 Cosmic Horror

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, space is a vast, uncharted universe full of new and rapidly changing landscapes. The genre is science fiction, based on scientific principles which can be verified in real life. Throughout the story, Dr. Dave Bowman uses his intellect to explore this unknown area and discovers that there are other intelligent forms of life throughout the universe besides mankind. The technology in the film reflects modern-day innovation while also incorporating futuristic designs that were not technically feasible at the time of production but are now commonplace in society today like technology such as virtual reality and holographic displays where rooms can transform into any shape or form imaginable.

What makes this movie interesting?

A movie is the visual representation of a story and to produce an engaging and entertaining film with an interesting plot, a director needs to think outside of the box. The director of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, was inspired by his love for science fiction and his obsession with space travel. To make this film as realistic as possible, he did extensive research on space travel. He hired experts in the fields of physics and mathematics who shared their research with him and provided him with a working knowledge of space travel to help him create this movie. He also consulted with NASA about specific elements that can be believable if included in the film.

How will this movie be different from its old version?

This movie is to be a remake of the 1968 movie. The difference between the original film and this new one will be the updated 3D effects, and more realistic visual designs, and will also include elements from a book written by Arthur C Clarke which was not a part of the original film. 

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Why should people go to watch it?

2001: A Space Odyssey is a classic science fiction movie that has been loved by many and will continue to be with the new updated version. The visuals in the film are breathtaking and futuristic imagining what life in space would be like. The technology in this movie is unique for its time and also serves as a template for future technology to come. People who go see this movie will be able to appreciate the creativity used to make this film as well as see how it was an inspiration for many other sci-fi movies that came after it.


What is the genre?

The genre of this movie will be science fiction, since the basis of the movie is to explore a new, unknown area. The technology used in this film reflects real-life technological advancements that are utilised today and can be seen in everyday society. The genre will also have elements of horror since this film was inspired by Clarke’s short story “The Sentinel,” which is a science fiction horror story.

What is the setting?

The setting of this movie will be a spaceship with a crew of 5 men, who travel from Earth to Jupiter, where they discover extraterrestrial life. This new movie will most likely be in space since the story takes place in space. 

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