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‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ TV Series By Showtime Will Not Return For Season Second

‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ TV Series By Showtime Will Not Return For Season Second

Network execs have declined to renew the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sources say that even though producers Alex Kurtzman and Jennifer Lumet had originally conceived the drama as a closed-ended limited series, they became convinced halfway through production that it should be open-ended. As a result, the first season contains an “endless ending,” with no clarity on how the story will progress in future seasons or whether it ever will continue at all. A Showtime rep declined to comment. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as an alien who comes to Earth in search of a person who can save his species. The Man Who Fell to Earth is an adaptation of Walter Tevis’ 1963 novel of the same name, which was previously adapted as a 1976 movie starring David Bowie. The series, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Naomie Harris, and Clarke Peters, was released on March 18, 1976. It was produced by Michael Deeley Barry Spikings.

Cast And Characters:


  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as the alien.
  • Naomie Harris as Justin Falls.
  • Annelle Olaleye as Molly Falls.
  • Clarke Peters as Josiah Falls.
  • Bill Nighy as Thomas Jerome Newton.
  • Jimmi Simpson as Spencer Clay.
  • Kate Mulgrew as Drew Finch.
  • Sonya Cassidy as Edie Flood.
  • Joana Ribeiro às Lisa Dominguez.
  • Rob Delaney as Hatch Flood.

Releasing Date:


The Series “The Man Who Fell to Earth” consists of 10 episodes. The first episode was released on April 24, 2022, and the last was released on July 3, 2022.

About The Series The Men Who Fell To Earth:



The series “The Man Who Fell to Earth” is based on a movie in 1976. It is based on the novel of the same name, “The Man Who Fell to Earth” written by Walter Tevis in 1963. The plot of the series is about an alien, who is from a different planet and has a mission to learn how to become human so they can save his species. He arrives on Earth and meets with a woman named Justin Falls, who helps him throughout the journey. Along with her and one other person, they come across many obstacles that are trying to stop them from reaching their goals. The series will be following Faraday’s character as he struggles between whether or not his mission is right for everyone else, but for everything to work out he must learn how to be human (or at least closer). This show is a rare eye-opening experience and will be an amazing show to watch.

What were audience reviews?


Audience ratings were very positive. People loved the idea and thought it was an interesting topic to bring onto a small screen. They wanted this show to get picked up because the topic alone attracted viewers right away. People wanted to see how everything would turn out and what would happen with the character Faraday. IMDB gave this show a 7.2/10. The reviews were good with the users praising the show and calling it a “great series to watch”. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 87% fresh rating, which is a very high score compared to other shows on TV today.

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