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Pretty Problems Movie Review And Everything We Know About This Romantic Drama

A couple is invited on a trip with strangers, and it isn’t long until their relationship begins to unravel. But even though their relationship is tested, they still manage to find some hope in the chaos. Jack and Lindsay are struggling to keep their small business afloat. When the opportunity arises for a luxurious getaway, the couple can’t turn it down despite the terms being a bit odd. The couple is eager to get away from their troubles, but they soon discover they’ve stumbled into a nightmare. That’s not to say that everything goes wrong instantly in this relationship drama. But as these strangers try to break Jack and Lindsay up, one thing leads to another and their marriage comes under serious strain.

Released On: October 7, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


IMDb Rating: 6/10

Cast And Crew :

Directed by: Kestrin Pantera

Written by: Britt Rentschler and Charlotte Ubben


  • Britt Rentschler is shown as Lindsay Simpson
  • Michael Tennant is shown as Jack Brown
  • J.J. Nolan is shown as Cat Flax
  • Graham Outerbridge is shown as Matt Flax
  • Charlotte Ubben is shown as Carrie
  • Alex Klein is shown as Kerry
  • Clayton Froning is shown as Dan
  • Katarina Hughes is shown as Becca
  • Vanessa Chester is shown as Gigi
  • Tom DeTrinis is shown as Georges
  • Amy Maghera is shown as Georgia
  • Bonnie Kolber is shown as Constance

What is the movie about?

Pretty Problems is about a struggling young couple who takes a getaway with some wealthy friends. The couple is subjected to a series of humiliating events while their friends watch on. As the weekend spins out of control, both Jack and Lindsay are forced to confront their issues as individuals and as a couple. That’s the overall story arc for this movie; however, I can’t discuss what happens in this movie without spoiling it. So I’m going to avoid revealing anything that would spoil the twists and turns in the story. This is what I’ve found out about the latest romantic thriller from writer-director Laura Steinel: Pretty Problems movie review.

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But are Jack and Lindsay in any danger?

Well, Jack and Lindsay may be in more danger than they realize. They’ll find themselves entangled in an even bigger mess than they could have imagined. It’s also worth noting that nothing goes as planned here, not even the “getaway” itself. You’re welcome to go in knowing this, but it’s probably best to go into the movie knowing as little as possible.

What makes this movie interesting?

For better or worse, Pretty Problems will most likely be a movie you’ll remember for some time to come. Despite the twists and turns, it’s still managing to be a thoroughly enjoyable romantic thriller. I found myself enjoying pretty much everything about this movie.


What did this movie lack?

That’s not to say there were no flaws with Pretty Problems. There were a few things that I would have done differently, but nothing that would have ruined the movie for me. I still found myself enjoying the movie, even if it’s flawed.

Why is this worth watching?

This is why I think Pretty Problems is worth watching: it offers something different from other romantic thrillers out there. Laura Steinel has managed to put together a compelling story of marriage and how far some people will go to prevent Jack and Lindsay from getting together again after their vacation. This movie also offers a lot of entertainment value, as well as a lot of well-earned laughs.

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